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Virginia power giving everyone a voice ARLG14


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Virginia power giving everyone a voice ARLG14

  1. 1. ARLG - 2014 Virginia Power Managing Digital Collections Advisor, Jisc and Lecturer @UWE – Information and Knowledge Management It’s Good to Talk: using technology to give EVERYONE a voice
  4. 4. • Coloured overlays available from the Main Library Office • My Study Bar USB stick – free to all dyslexic or visually impaired students or any students needing extra support • Screencasts in development • Jess and Jack available in the Library! • Microsoft OneNote Support for Learning
  5. 5. Jisc TechDis Toolbox
  6. 6. Making your computer work better for you Producing Word documents that are more inclusive Producing inclusive presentations Making PDFs as accessible as possible Accessibility Essentials
  7. 7. azzapt Your reading: how you want it, where you want it, automatically. • Designed to transfer files between devices whilst simultaneously converting documents to the accessible format of your choice. • The azzapt service allows you to upload a file from any device. • Files are automatically converted to your preferred accessible format • azzapt is the ideal service for those who have difficulties reading due to dyslexia, visual impairment or a physical difficulty. • azzapt offers a solution to promote independent reading
  8. 8. Copy of the screencast can be provided on request
  9. 9. Best price currently - £18 (ex.VAT) at
  10. 10. Create talking stories, class timetables or questions and answer games on this recordable bar. This multi functional learning tool is simple to use. Students or staff can slot in up to six of their own images or words and then record a corresponding 10 second message per slot, and then just press to play back! Ideal for hanging on the wall and perfect for sequencing activities e.g. the events of a story Story Sequencer Best price currently - £25 (ex.VAT) at
  11. 11. • Allows students to engage in book selection • Provides easy ‘tours’ of the Library • Students record their Six Book Challenges • Gives everyone a voice Approximately £65 (ex. VAT) from RNIB labelling/rnib-penfriend-audio- labeller/invt/dl76
  12. 12. Thank you for listening and joining in!