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Live long and prosper by Paul Jeorrett, Glyndwr University


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Published in: Education
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Live long and prosper by Paul Jeorrett, Glyndwr University

  1. 1. “Live long and prosper” surviving together and looking forward in difficult times Paul Jeorrett Head of Library and Student Services Glyndwr University
  2. 2. A little about Glyndwr…
  3. 3. The Journey • Defining difficult times • Looking after yourself • Working together • Looking forward
  4. 4. Defining difficult times • Volatile HE and FE environments – Mergers – Funding – Internationalisation – Student voice/experience • Library context – Superconvergence – Working smarter – Legislation – Rapidly changing technologies
  5. 5. Change Curve
  6. 6. Looking after yourself • Integrity • Advocacy • Mindfulness • All work and no play… • You are not alone!
  7. 7. Co-operation is better than conflict
  8. 8. Working together – the good The Welsh perspective: • WHELF (Welsh HE Librarians Forum) – LMS procurement; WHEEL • North Wales Libraries Partnership/CyMAL – LINC; Training; Health Information • SCONUL – Value and Impact Study • CILIP – CILIP Wales, ARLG
  9. 9. Working together – the not so good • Working smarter, not harder? – Tough times ahead, less resource, greater pressure • Superconvergence – It depends… • Institutional merger – Usually politically motivated
  10. 10. Working together – the future • Joint-use libraries “The importance of joint-use libraries, especially their potential as an effective form of twenty-first-century library provision in many different circumstances, is not currently recognised by policy- makers or by many in the library profession” Sue McNicol (2008)
  11. 11. Succession planning • We make our own future and boldly go… “…I am convinced that, if our society is to prosper spiritually, intellectually, and materially, libraries must continue to acquire and give access to, arrange, make accessible, and preserve recorded knowledge and information in all formats, and provide assistance and instruction in their use.” Michael Gorman (2000)
  12. 12. CILIP Professional Knowledge and Skills Base
  13. 13. Succession planning • FDSc (Foundation Degree/BSc Top Up in Library and Information Management – Innovative delivery – Workbased/practical – Guest lecturers and field visits – Partnership between academic and practitioner
  14. 14. References • Gorman, M. (2000) Our enduring values, librarianship in the 21st Century.I Chicago, American Library Association • McNicol, S. (2008) Joint-use libraries: libraries for the future. Oxford, Chandos
  15. 15. Any Questions? Paul Jeorrett