Ciklum Seminar Zurich - October 23, 2012 - Christian Stettler (NZZ)


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Als Projektleiter und Product Owner bei NZZ Digital Media arbeitet Christian Stettler täglich intensiv mit dem 14-köpfigen NZZ Nearshore Team in Kiew zusammen und besucht es auch regelmässig. Er wird uns präsentieren, an welchen ehrgeizigen Projekten NZZ Digital Media arbeietet, wie mit dem Nearshoring gestartet und zügig auf zwei komplette Scrum-Teams ausgebaut wurde, wie die Einarbeitung von neuen Kollegen geschieht, wie die Distanz zwischen Kiew & Zürich "überbrückt" wird und welche zentrale Rolle die agilen Methoden dabei spielen.

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Ciklum Seminar Zurich - October 23, 2012 - Christian Stettler (NZZ)

  1. 1. Near shoring with Ciklum at NZZ 123.10.2012
  2. 2. Multi-Channel Publishing 2
  3. 3. Innovation: HTML5 app with responsive design 3
  4. 4. Mobile: Content on any mobile device 4
  5. 5. Digital Subscription: Innovation leader in German CH 5
  6. 6. Who we are• Two distributed Scrum teams – Organized as feature teams – Mixed setup with Swiss and Ukrainian developers – 13 developers in total – Located in Zürich and Kiev• Dedicated QA Team – Two automated testers – Three manual testers – Entirely located in Kiev 6
  7. 7. How we do it: Scrum by the book 7
  8. 8. How it all began• 2010: Very small team in Zürich.• Most software development was done by external service providers were we made incredible bad experiences.• Insourcing and nearshoring became strategic for NZZ‘s need to grow in the digital market.• June 2011: initial start point with first team in Kiev; two developers and one testers.• May 2012: massive growth to 22 people in Zürich and Kiev 8
  9. 9. Lessons we have learned, part 1• Personal encounter is essential – Everyone in Kiev travels to Zürich; at least twice a year. – Team leaders from Zürich travels to Kiev regularly.• Esteem is of major importance.• A good video conferencing system is a must.• The meaning of work-life balance is quite different between the two countries.• It is a big benefit to have know-how „in-house“.
  10. 10. Lessons we have learned, part 2• Handling such a development power results in a bottleneck on project management side.• Well defined and continously improved processes are essential.• Choosing accurate, but not too many, tools that support distributed collaboration helps a lot.• For rapid development high-level quality assurance is utterly important.
  11. 11. The results• Hyperproductive Scrum-Teams• State of the art development process• State of the art quality assurance process• Extremely high job satisfaction (9.8/10 Ciklum‘s report)• Zero fluctuation JIRA: Created vs Resolved Issues Report of employees Time: before relaunch• Happy business and workers 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention.Christian StettlerProjektleiterNeue Zürcher Zeitung AG, Falkenstrasse 11, CH-8021 ZürichTel: +41 44 258 12 75 | Fax: +41 44 258 13 | 13