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6.4 2018


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Diffraction of waves, Pembelauan gelombang. From cikgu Suriyati FizikMozac 2018

Published in: Education
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6.4 2018

  1. 1. 6.4
  2. 2. Circular wave/ Gelombang membulat. Plane and bend at the edge/ Lurus dan bengkok pada hujung
  3. 3. 位 before equal after/ 位 sebelum dan selepas sama
  4. 4. Spread out/ disebarkan Spread out/ disebarkan
  5. 5. equal/ Sama equal/ Sama equal/ Sama Spread out/ disebarkan Decrease / berkurang
  6. 6. Small space behind barrier/ ruang kecil di belakang halangan Big space behind barrier/ ruang besar di belakang halangan
  7. 7. The smaller the gap, the more circular the diffracted wave Semakin kecil saiz celah, semakin membulat gelombang dibelaukan.
  8. 8. Plane and bend at the edge/ Lurus dan bengkok pada hujung circular/ membulat
  9. 9. 位 sound waves > 饾泴 light / 位 bunyi > 位 cahaya . Cannot see the radio, light difficult to be diffracted. Tidak boleh melihat radio, cahaya susah dibelaukan Can hear the sound, sound can be diffracted. Boleh mendengar radio, bunyi boleh dibelaukan
  10. 10. Sound waves are more easily diffracted because its wavelength is longer than the wavelength of light. Bunyi mudah dibelaukan kerana panjang gelombangnya lebih panjang dari cahaya.
  11. 11. The sound of the owls will diffract through the space between trees in the forest. The longer wavelength of the hoots also easier to be diffracted. Bunyi sahutan mudah dibelaukan melalui ruang antara pokok-pokok. Panjang gelombang sahutan bunyi yang panjang mudah dibelaukan.
  12. 12. Black and bright lines alternately. Brighter in the middle/ pinggir cerah dan gelap berselang seli. Cerah di tengah.
  13. 13. Light will be diffracted/ cahaya dibelaukan
  14. 14. Light will be diffracted/ cahaya dibelaukan