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Inheritance 1


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Inheritance 1

  1. 1. ByHasimah Azit
  2. 2. Observe this picture.What conclusion you cangive from this picture?
  3. 3. Question?• Are they difference?• What is the differences between them?• Do they have any similiar characteristic ?• Where do they get all these characteristics?
  4. 4. Observe the diagram!
  5. 5. What color is the parent?What is the characteristic of the first filial?What is the characteristic of the second filial?What is the propotion between the color?3 yellow : 1 green
  6. 6. State• The color of parent flower• The color of offspring flower• Where the color goes?
  7. 7. State:• What is obvious color of the flower?• purple• Predict the color of offspring flowers• Purple and white
  8. 8. What• Trait can be observe?• Cant be seen in one generation?• Less color in the offspring?• What is the name of the trait that can be seenregularly• What is the name the trait that seldom be seen• What factor controling the trait??
  9. 9. • Trait always can be seen = dominance trait• Trait seldom be seen = recessive trait• Dominance trait is control by dominance factor• Recessive trait is control by recessive factors• The factor is called gene
  10. 10. Gene and alelle• Every trait is control by a gene• Gene consist of two allele• Each allele is located at a chromosomeU1 chromosome1 allele
  11. 11. Gene dan alleleTrait – control by a pair of allele at homologchromosomeWhat is homolog chromosome?Homolog chromosomes pairsChromosomes in thecell
  12. 12. Gene dan alleleTTHomolog chromosomesAlleleAlleleGene consist of2 allele in sameLocation athomolog chromosomes
  13. 13. • The yellow color bean is control by dominancegene (K)• = KK• The green color bean is control by ressesivegene (k)• = kk• Heterozygote form: = Kk• The color is yellow, yellow is dominance
  14. 14. KKYellow parent X Green parentkkK K k kKk KkKk KkKKkkKkKkkK K kgameteF1F1 X F1gameteF2yellow yellow yellow greenmeiosisfertilizationmeiosisfertilization
  15. 15. Try again:• Parent : yellow X green
  16. 16. For F2 generation:• Use Punnet square:GametemaleGametefemaleK kKkKK KkKk kk
  17. 17. What is..• Parent genotype ?• Parent Phenotype ?• Genotype F1• Phenotype F1• Genotype F2• Phenotype F2• Phenotype ??? Genotype ???
  18. 18. • Genotype = type of allele thatcontrol the trait• Phenotype = the characteristic canbe seen
  19. 19. So:-• KK = pure breed (homozygote) - yellow• Kk = hybrid (heterozygote) - yellow• kk = pure breed (homozygote) – green• Practice:− Do the cross of the following:
  20. 20. Kaji rajah berikut
  21. 21. What is the conclusion can bemade?• Trait is control by a pair of allele, onlyan allele can be inherited in gamete.First Mendel Law(Law of Segregation)any pair of characteristics there is only one genein a gamete even though there are two genes inordinary cells.
  22. 22. Think ...
  23. 23. Practice:
  24. 24. Two trait inherited.Each trait is controlled control bytwo alleleEach of the allele from any traitable to combine during gameteformation in meiosis .
  25. 25. Female DrosophilaPurple eyeBlack bodyMale DrosophilaRed eyeBrown body .
  26. 26. Key:U – dominance allele for purple eyeU – recessive allele for red eyeH- dominance allele for black bodyH – recessive allele for brown bodyDraw schematic diagram to show the inheritance of the trait in F1and F2 generation.UUHH X uuhhParentGamete UH uhFirst filialGeneration (F1) UuHh
  27. 27. Random cross between F1 with any of F1UuHh X UuHhGamete: UH Uh uH uh UH Uh uH uhF2: UH Uh uH uhUHUhuHuh
  28. 28. Phenotype NumberPurple eye, brown bodyPurple eye, black bodyRed eye, black bodyRed eye, brown body
  29. 29. Mendels Law ofIndependent Assortmenttwo characteristics the genes are inheritedindependently.