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  3. 3. Procedures:  Greetings, Mr./Ms. Brown, I am Mary. May I show you to your room? Address the guest by name and explain the facilities of the hotel.
  4. 4.  While escorting guest to the room, give a brief introduction of the hotel (outlets, pool and operating hours) to the guest.  Inform guest their room number and which floor they’re on.
  5. 5.  Allow guest to enter/exit the elevator first. Open the guestroom door with the guest key ( making sure its works before the guests arrive) hold the door open and insert the key into the master switch.
  6. 6.  Give a brief explanation of the room layout, specify what to tell and what not to tell the guest  Generally guest remain very tired while they come. It is better to cordially ask in this way “ may i take a few moments to explain the features of your room”
  7. 7. Check if the guest requires: aHis/her air-ticket to be reconfirmed. aShow him/her where is the deposit box kept and how to use it aLaundry service . aAirport shuttle service for his/her departure.
  8. 8. Inform the guest that if his/her needs any information or assistance to contact the GRO desk or the Reception counter. Wish guests a pleasant stay before leaving the room.
  9. 9. Leave and follow up. Be sure you fullfill all guest queries Tell him how to contact to you if he needs your assistance