An introduction to social media


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This is just an introduction to Social Media Marketing Strategy. You can find advanced module at

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An introduction to social media

  1. 1. By Cijo Abraham Mani
  2. 2.  Social Media the latest buzz term is all about connections and interactions.  Social Media is all about your engagement with other (YEO).
  3. 3.  Listen and Observe  Do Research  Ask Your Customers  Implement and Test  Define your goals
  4. 4.  Find the right audience  Use resources effectively  Build a team  Make an engagement strategy  Be part of ongoing conversation  Create an online buzz  Marketing plan with new concepts  Track results
  5. 5.  Connections  Communication  Collaboration  Collective Wisdom  Contribution  Content Sharing
  6. 6.  Social media is a murky mix of PR, marketing, interactive, customer service and more. But try to make it everyone’s job, and it becomes no one’s job.  Social Media Managers: Responsible for the overall social media promotions including return on investment(ROI) from those promotions.  Community manager: Customer facing role trusted by customers.
  7. 7. Advanced section available at my next presentation – click here