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modified form of drawer compacted sand filter


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it is the modification of drawer compacted sand filter with the replacement of 4th and 5th layers by silver coated sand and coconut shell activated charcoal.

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modified form of drawer compacted sand filter

  2. 2. Grey water is defined as the waste water that is obtained from showers, kitchen, laundry etc. excluding black water (toilet water). It is a sustainable water resource that can significantly reduce the usage of fresh water for agriculture. Grey water
  3. 3. now ?.Why reuse Grey Water  Treated GW will act as a substitute to those applications which do not require drinking water quality.  As the treated grey water is high in nutrients (i.e. N2, P) we can use it for irrigation purpose.  GW recycling will reduce the load on the sewage treatment plant. Advantages  Save water (30-35% reduction in consumption) and money Reduction in generation of waste water will reduce potential of environmental pollution Reduction in surface and ground water pollution Sustainable Development
  4. 4. DCSF Filter medium Drawer 1 Gravels; effective size 4.75 mm Drawer 2 Silica; effective size 1.18 mm Drawer 3 Silica; effective size 600micron Drawer 4 Silica; effective size 75micron Drawer 5 Silica; effective size 1.18mm and 600micron Drawer 6 Granular activated carbon Depth of media 10cm (for each drawer) Perforation – for each drawer – except the lowest one Orifice size=4mm Orifice spacing=10cm Number of orifices =15
  5. 5. Advantages of DCSF  Aerobic treatment in all layers.  Clogging is no longer serious problem.  Excavation works are no longer required.  The DCSF only requires 1m2 of land area.  This maintenance procedure is very convenient comparing to the intermittent sand filter
  6. 6.  It cannot remove all type of microorganism  Rate of filtration is less  Filtered water can not be stored for more than 24 hr Disadvantages of DCSF
  7. 7. MDCSF Replacement of : 4th layer by silver coated sand 5th layer by coconut shell activated charcoal
  8. 8. Advantages of MDCF Disinfection with silver,  Reduces bacteria, protozoa and industrial parasites  it doesn't produce any taste or odour in the treated water No by – products are formed as a result of its use Increases the % removal than DCSF
  9. 9. For the purpose of landscaping, gardening, irrigations, plant growths and toilet flushing. The benefits found are low energy demand, less operating and maintenance cost, lower load on fresh water, less strain on septic tank, highly effective purification, and ground water recharge. So, this is an environmental friendly, without chemical operation ,cost effective and resourceful plant for rural development. Conclusion
  10. 10. THANK YOU