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Mastering Alfresco Web Scripts for Alfresco ECM Integration


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In this presentation we have shared exclusive information on Alfresco web script development and framework. We have also showcased invoke methods for web scripts with best practices for external system integration.

Alfresco web scripts are core part of the integrated ECM solution:

- They bridge the gap between the business requirement and technical implementation of your business solution
- They empower Alfresco in its integration capabilities across cloud, mobile, hybrid and on premise environments to develop useful Alfresco integration solutions with external systems
- They are the backbone of the integration solution implementation in the Alfresco repository

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Mastering Alfresco Web Scripts for Alfresco ECM Integration

  1. 1. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Mastering Alfresco Web Scripts for hassle- free Alfresco ECM Integration Version/Date: Apr’15 Presenter: Name: Ramesh Chauhan Title: ECM Consultant Name: Ranjit Shankar Title: Client Solutions Manager
  2. 2. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential • ECM Dynamics • Alfresco Web Scripts • Web Scripts Integrations • Implementation Examples • About CIGNEX Datamatics 2 Agenda
  3. 3. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com3 ECM Dynamics Trends Hybrid ECM Solutions Content Application Integration with Business Applications Mobility Governance Challenges Overflowing File Servers Difficult to Find Content Risk of Information Leaks Information Silos across Solutions Priorities Risk Management Process Transformation User Engagement Content Analytics Source: 1) The Future of Enterprise Content Management : Five ECM Trends in 2014 by IDC 2) From InfoChaos to Information Opportunity - AIIM14 Report
  4. 4. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com4 ECM Should Support Multi-ChannelBusiness Solutions Collaboration Enterprise Search Scalable Storage Digitization SecurityNon-Functional Unified, Organized Content Store Support Performance, Speed, Multi-User, Global Search, Google-like, Retrieve, Multi-Source Approval, Notification, Push-Pull, Conversion, Grouping, Authoring DM, Contracts, DAM, WCM, BPM, RM, LMS, Integration etc.. Paper, Electronic Security, Role-based Access, Encryption Consolidation, Support, Maintenance Data/Content, Versioning, Classification Storage, Disk, Volume, Archival, Backup, Retention User Experience, Anywhere, Any Device
  5. 5. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Web 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 5 ECM Lifecycle - Landscape of Engagement Store Workflow, BPM Collaboration Document Management Web Content Manage ment Records Management Manage Preserve DeliverCapture Store Workflow, BPM Collaboration Document Management Web Content Management Records Management Capture Deliver Manage Preserve Social Business Multi-Channel Publishing Multi-device Mobility Cloud, SaaS & Ubiquitous Enterprise Search Analytics (BigData, BI) Automation Auto- Classification Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  6. 6. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Alfresco Web Scripts 6
  7. 7. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com7 Alfresco Web Scripts Technical Definition • RESTful web services • Bound to specific Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) • Respond to HTML methods What? Developer’s View • Easy to Develop, Debug, Maintain and Deploy • Secure access to Alfresco repository through external applications Business User’s View • Bridge the gap between technical implementation & business requirements • Backbone of Alfresco ECM integration Why?CMIS • Generic implementation with basic functionalities • Basic service to interact and access content repository SOAP – Web Services • Scalability is a challenge • Only support XML • Heavier client side requirements Alfresco Web Scripts • All the features available for interacting and accessing Alfresco repository • Lightweight, scalable and supports multiple formats When? Development Projects • Business implementation integrating Alfresco with external application • Leverage the out-of-the-box web scripts Support Projects • Maintain the live Alfresco system • Fix critical issue without restarting live production system
  8. 8. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com8 Alfresco Web Scripts (Cont..) Where? • HTTP client such as web browser and client HTTP APIs • Easy to access in JSF pages • JSR-168 Portals • Alfresco SURF platforms Types of Web Scripts Data Web Scripts • Provide an interface to the repository for the client applications to create, retrieve, update, and delete content/data in the repository • Send the response in formats such as XML and JSON and client applications will have to parse it • Host – Alfresco repository server Presentation Web Scripts • Use to build User interfaces such as dashlets, portlets for a JSR-168 portal, a UI component within Alfresco SURF, or a custom application • Generally render HTML responses • Host – Separate presentation server or Alfresco repository server How? • Web scripts follows Model-View-Controller pattern. • Controller server side Java Script or Java class or both • Model is an object passed between Controller and View • View is the Freemarker template which renders response
  9. 9. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential • Develop Web Script • Deploy Web Script : Data Dictionary | Web Scripts Extensions • Register Web Script : http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/index • Invoke Web Script - http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/helloworld?name=ABC 9 It’s Time for First Web Script <webscript> <shortname>Hello World</shortname> <description>First webscript Hello world</description> <url>/helloworld?name={argumentName}</url> <authentication>user</authentication> </webscript>“"; <html> <body> <p>Hello! ${}.</p> <p>email address: ${email}</p> </body> </html> helloworld.get.desc.xml Web Script description document helloworld.get.js Web Script controller helloworld.get.html.ftl Web Script response template
  10. 10. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com10 Web Script Building Blocks Mandatory or Required Not Mandatory or Optional Description Document Response Templates Controller Implementation • Java Script backed controller • Java backed controller Configuration Document I18N Resource Bundle
  11. 11. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com11 Invoke Methods Web Browser REST Client Web Browser Plug-ins Standalone Java Program Alfresco Share Components Command Line JSF Pages Spring based Services
  12. 12. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com12 Best Practices HTTP Method • Identify and use appropriate HTTP method for web script Naming Conventions • Must follow naming conventions Description Document • Keep description document up-to-date OOTB Web Script • Check if any OOTB web script you can be leveraged Type of Controller • Check if the JavaScript APIs meet your requirements Response Templates • Identify the different types of response your web script should return Code Deployment • Maintain web scripts as a part of your code base
  13. 13. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com13 Integration Portal Document Management Workflow Activiti/BPM e-Commerce Alfresco Web Scripts Web Content Management Learning Management System Front End Back End Collaboration Versioning Role Based Access
  14. 14. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential • The book provides comprehensive information on Alfresco web script development & framework. It aims to educate on how to extend the core components of web script framework in Alfresco & will help in solving frequent issues of deployment, debugging and troubleshooting encountered by enterprise IT teams. • About the Author: Learning Alfresco Web Scripts authored by Ramesh Chauhan, Principal Consultant, CIGNEX Datamatics. Ramesh has above 9 years of core IT experience with strong expertise in Alfresco. He has extensively used Alfresco in multiple projects to deliver customized business solutions to customers across the globe. He has contributed more than 400 posts to Alfresco community forums. 14 Book Overview – Learning Alfresco Web Scripts
  15. 15. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Implementation Examples Examples of Clients Benefitting From Alfresco Web Scripts for Alfresco ECM Integrations 15
  16. 16. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Business Need: “Movie Promotion Approval System” to Create-Track-Optimize- Monitor promotions with distributors and channel partners across the world 16 Managing ROI with Real Time Visibility Media Conglomerate Founded in 1923, leading entertainment company with five major business segments: Media Networks, Parks & Resorts, Studio Entertainment, Consumer Products and Interactive Media Benefits • Increased visibility with reports & real-time updates on promotion status and spending Key Features: • Easy to use & Secured - Support for various content types • Role & profile- based access • Collaborative - Workflow for review and approval • Dashboard/Reports - Marketing budget/spending Movie Promotion Approval System JasperReports Distributors, Channel Partners Marketing, Legal and Admin Dept. Grails Web Application Framework Alfresco - Content Management Apache Solr External Users Internal Users SSO - Ping Fede rate External Systems Currency Converter ImageMagick ECM - Workflow Media & Publishing Web Script
  17. 17. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Business Need: Content Management & Publishing Platform to manage 100+ events and publication sites 17 Increasing Business Velocity Event and Marketing Services Company An event and marketing services company that serves business professionals and consumers in the Fashion, Licensing, Life -Sciences industries Benefits • Speed – Content creation, approval and publishing • Increased business visibility & operational efficiency • Scalable and cloud ready solution with content control in the hands of marketing team Key Features: • Scalability – Integrated DM & WCM • Speed – Content approval & publishing • Superior User Experience - Single window to manage all sites • Security - Metadata level security Enterprise Content Management - Alfresco Content Tagging - Calais External Systems Site Visitors Site Administrators User Management Advanced Search Business Process Management Engine Versioning Content Templates Advanced Themes Web Content Management - Drupal Analytics Users Alfresco Share Users API’s including CMIS WCM | ECM Media & Publishing Web Script Content Authors/ Auditors
  18. 18. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential About CIGNEX Datamatics 18
  19. 19. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com19 CIGNEX Datamatics 0 8 #1 14 License Cost Option Open Source Products Open Source Consultants Pure Play Open Source Services Company Open Source Implementations Global Offices Open Source Community Contributions Open Source Books Authored Business Engagement Platforms 13+ 5+ 5000+ 500+ 500+
  20. 20. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com20 Enterprise Content Management Solutions Products Services Open Source Consulting Application Modernization OpeRA™ - Open Source Readiness Assessment Legacy Migration Application Development & Management Development, Support, Refresh, Performance Management and Managed Cloud Services Testing UI/UX Document Management Record Management Version Management & Encryption Web Content Management Workflow Digital Marketing Platform Learning/Knowledge Management Collaborative Environment Tools for Online Learning Imaging and Scanning – OCR/Digitization Capturing, Storing and Retrieving Content Electronic Scanning Enterprise Search Ingestion, Indexing, Processing and Matching Query Processing BPM/Workflow Monitoring and Documentation of Process Data Processing Tools Open Contract Manager Manage contract lifecycle, business workflow, streamline operations, increase compliance RAPIDO - Content Management & Publishing Simplify content management and publishing with Alfresco ECM and Drupal WCM
  21. 21. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com21 Our ECM Practice 50+ Content Experts Author of 6 Alfresco Books Recognition Alfresco Partner of the Year Alfresco Best Implementation 115 + Implementations Global Partner 1000+ Community Contributions
  22. 22. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Thank you Download a Sample Chapter of Book-Learning Alfresco Web Scripts Ask any Questions about Alfresco Web Scripts to Book Author Ramesh Chauhan: