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Intranet 2.0: Re-inventing the Intranet for the Facebook & WhatsApp Generation


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Organizations can overcome employee disengagement by re-inventing the intranet experience borrowing upon best practices of digital engagement from daily life. CIGNEX Datamatics' Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP) is an Open Source Intranet platform that provides socially infusing, intuitive, collaborative online experience to employees along with the ability to measure engagement and predict dis-engagement.

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Intranet 2.0: Re-inventing the Intranet for the Facebook & WhatsApp Generation

  1. 1. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Intranet 2.0 – Re-inventing the Intranet Experience for the Facebook & WhatsApp Generation Date: Jun 25, 2015, 2:00 PM ET Name: Vikram Samant Title: EVP – Open Source Solutions Email:
  2. 2. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Agenda Explosive Engagement Dis-engagement & Digital Footprint Intranet Re.Fresh 2
  3. 3. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Explosive Engagement 3
  4. 4. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Explosive Engagement Enablers Telephone Mobile Phone iPhone Text Message Facebook Twitter InstagramSkypeFaceTime WhatsApp ???? So Easy A Caveman Can Use It Make it Run Like The Wind Fatal Attraction 4
  5. 5. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com5 WhatsApp – Unprecedented Engagement Simplicity, Mobile First and Social Sharing Drive Successful Engagement • Visual Engagement • Sharing • One-to-One & One-to-Many • Mobile first • Simplicity • Cross platform Source: So Easy A Caveman Can Use It Make it Run Like The Wind Fatal Attraction
  6. 6. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com6 Reloaded Connected Apps, Auto Engage, Connected People A mashup: WhatsGramFaceChatFlipTimeBoard Necessity Current State Looking Good Tomorrow Hooked Reloaded
  7. 7. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com7 Dis-Engagement & Digital Footprint
  8. 8. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com8 The Workplace Divide Traditionalist: born prior to 1946(64 years or older) Baby Boomers: 1946-1964 (age 46-63) Gen X: 1965-1979 (age 31-45) Gen Y / Millenials: 1980-2000 (age 10-30) Post Millenials / Gen 2020: 2001-present (under age 9) Baby Boomers & Gen Xers: Lowest level of engagement > 88% of the workforce Traditionalists & Millenials: Highest level of engagement < 12% of the workforce Contextualize & Personalize
  9. 9. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com9 Users Corporates The Engagement Gap Show me what I want to see Make me want to get to the site I need to have my own connects Keep it simple Keep it intuitive Need to show more than just what you want You should get to the site, no matter what The entire organization is connected There s a lot that we need to show You need to know where to look
  10. 10. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Intranet Re.Fresh 10
  11. 11. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com11 DEEP™ Overview DEEP™ is a collaboration hub that delivers engaging, socially infused experiences and increases employee engagement. DEEP™ helps build a connected community of employer-employee & task oriented employee groups, creating an engaged, efficient and motivated employee. Employee Connect Commun- icateGrow Collaborate Comply Learn
  12. 12. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com12 Our Platform Approach Make the content find you Leverage existing eco-system Search & Retrieve – Ultra Hi-tech Predict Dis-Engagement Make it intuitive In Platform Collaborative Communication
  13. 13. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Creating the Digital Experience Build The Intranet of People Socializing the workplace Intuitive Self Learning Context based Personalization Engagement Footprint Internal & External Content Hooked Enjoy the Experience
  14. 14. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com14 DEEP™ Functionality Web Content Management Social & Collaboration Document Management Personalization OOB Integrations Microsites Security Audit Mobility Marketplace Motivation Innovation Sales Tools HR Tools Performance & Scalability Self Learning Productivity Custom Integrations Standard Functions Customized Functions Employee Communities Collaborative Idea Management Micro Blogs Activity Streams Social Profiles Blogs Wiki Smart Search
  15. 15. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com15 DEEP™ Benefits • 100% Open Source based platform with 250+ features • Scalable to support millions of users & multiple platforms • On-premise & Cloud (SaaS) models with pre-packed features • Configurable & customizable • 50% to 80% TCO reduction compared to proprietary technologies • Cost effective support and maintenance options Operational Benefits Financial Benefits
  16. 16. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential DEEP™ - A Brief Demo 16
  17. 17. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential About CIGNEX Datamatics 17
  18. 18. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential www.cignex.com18 CIGNEX Datamatics | Founded - 2000 | HQ – Santa Clara, CA #1 14 Open Source Consultants Pure Play Open Source Services Company Open Source Community Contributions Open Source Books Authored Global Development Centers 4 5000+ 550+ Business Engagement Platforms 5+ Partners Credentials
  19. 19. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Services & Solutions • Open Source Readiness Assessment – OpeRA™ • Collaboration, Identity Management, Integration • Enterprise Content Management • eCommerce (B2C & B2B) • Application Management • Open Source – Adopt-Open-Elevate™ Pure Play Open Source Company • 500 Implementations across 15 countries • 50 Fortune 1000 clients • 5000+ community contributions • Products, Platforms, Solutions & Services • Global Presence – USA, India, UK, Germany, Singapore Business Engagement Platforms • Franchise Management Platform™ • Reputation Management Platform™ • Digital Employee/Customer/Partner Engagement Platform™ • Big Data Integration & Delivery Platform Committed To • Successful outcomes • Zero UAT defects • 30% to 70% TCO reduction Recognition Our Capability 19 2000-05 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Alfresco Partner of the Year Liferay Partner of the Year 2011, 2010 Alfresco Credit Crunch Award Alfresco WCM Award CIO Review - The top 20 Travel & Hospitality Solution Provider Gartner Recognized in Reports 2013, 2012 & 2011 International Data Corporation (IDC) named CIGNEX Datamatics one of the top 10 integrators in the Open Source Great Place To Work Institute places among the top 100 Liferay Community Excellence 2014, 2013, 2012 & 2011 GESIA - Best Software & Highest Employment Generator Ethical Company in Software Award 2014 & Innovation in HR Strategy at Work 2014-2015
  20. 20. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Thank you Contact Us Sales: | Jobs – | Others –