CIGNEX Datamatics & Liferay roadshow in Singapore – Feb 27, 2014 - Powering Mobility and UXP with Liferay Enterprise Portal


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Event proceedings from Liferay & CIGNEX Datamatics’ joint roadshow in Singapore featuring Liferay portal that provides a single window for enterprises to connect stakeholders with information and services across diverse applications with a personalized and intuitive user interface across all delivery channels. a Liferay 6.2 demo and interesting case studies of leading global bank, legal firm, insurance firm, hospitality player, semiconductor company, US-based drugstore, self-service portal.

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CIGNEX Datamatics & Liferay roadshow in Singapore – Feb 27, 2014 - Powering Mobility and UXP with Liferay Enterprise Portal

  1. 1. DRAFT # 1 Welcome to Roadshow Presented by Name: CIGNEX Datamatics & Liferay Date: Feb 27, 2014 Venue: Hilton Singapore Hotel CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential
  2. 2. Agenda Time Topic 6:00p - 6:15p Registrations 6:15p - 6:30p Welcome Brian Endo & Ashish Trehan 6:30p - 7:15p Introduction to Liferay Portal 6.2 Brian Endo & Arnaud Blandin 7:15p – 7:30p Implementing Liferay in a Private Bank deployed in Asia Client 7:30p - 8:15p Liferay Powering Mobility and User Experience with Munwar Shariff Implementation Examples 8:15p - 9:00p Book Draw Winners & Networking, Food, & Cocktails CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Presented By Brian, Munwar 2
  3. 3. Liferay Powering Mobility and User Experience Presented by Name: Munwar Shariff Title: CTO & Co-Founder Email: CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential
  4. 4. CIGNEX Datamatics and Datamatics Group • About Datamatics Group – Founded in 1975, 6000+ employees across 32 global offices – Portals, Content Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Integration practices • About CIGNEX Datamatics – Open Source System Integrator and Solution Provider with 400+ implementations world-wide – Head Quartered in Santa Clara, USA with offices in USA, India, London, Germany and Singapore – Leveraged Commercial Open Source and Proprietary tools CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 4
  5. 5. Where We Can Help You… SOLUTIONS Portals Content Big Data Analytics User eXperience Platform Enterprise Content Management Liferay, Drupal Alfresco, Drupal, Magento, CQ Hadoop Ecosystem, MongoDB, ZK, HTML5, MuleSoft Liferay, Moodle, Ephesoft Pentaho, Talend, Solr, Jaspersoft ▪ Intranet ▪ Extranet ▪ Big Data Portal ▪ EAI ▪ Mobile Portal ▪ SOA ▪ Custom Portal ▪ WCM ▪ e-Commerce ▪ DM ▪ e-Learning ▪ RM ▪ Social Collaboration ▪ Imaging Solutions ▪ CLMS Making Data Work ▪ Data Integration ▪ Information Delivery ▪ Data Analysis ▪ Enterprise Search ▪ DAM SERVICES UI ▪ Development ▪ Integration ▪ Customization ▪ Migration ▪ Testing ▪ Training ▪ Support (24*7) Enterprise Mobility – Strategy ▪ Mobile UX ▪ App Development ▪ MEAP/MDM Managed Cloud Services – Develop ▪ Deploy ▪ Manage VAR/Annual Product Subscription – Liferay ▪ Alfresco ▪ Cloudera Hadoop ▪ MongoDB Extended Development Center – Center of Excellence CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 5
  6. 6. Liferay as UXP (User eXperience Platform) CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 6
  7. 7. Portal Today Sites Complex Apps Intranet, Extranet Business Applications Communities Insights Business Insights & Analytics Social Networking Portals Content Search Enterprise Search Web and Enterprise Content Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and Internet CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 7
  8. 8. User eXperience Platform (UXP) User Experience Illustrative Content Informative Portals Context E-Commerce RIA User Text eXperience Platform Analytics Mashups Search UX Design & Mgmt Social Source: Gartner Interactive Collaboration Mobile APIs User Experience Platforms are ‘User/Consumer Driven IT’ CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 8
  9. 9. One Framework Powering Various Enterprise Portals Partner Portals Intranet Big Data Portals Research Portals Idea Management Mobile Portals Social Collaboration Corporate Websites CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 9
  10. 10. Liferay UXP - Deployed by us CRM ERP Platform E-Commerce SAP System SAP JCO User Experience Illustrative Interactive Informative SAP Netweaver PI ZK Flex JSF Framework Omniture Webtrends GSA Liferay Integration Platform Analytics ESB/Web Service/ RESTful/CMIS Integrations ForgeRock CAS NTLM SiteMinder MongoDB Hadoop Neo4j Big Data Akamai DAM OpenX Ads SSO DAM Content Solutions LMS .Net Systems Liferay Enabling User eXperience Platform CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 10
  11. 11. Liferay as a Platform for Mobile Native Apps, Web Apps and Hybrid Apps CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 11
  12. 12. Native Apps, Web (HTML5) Apps & Hybrid Apps CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 12
  13. 13. Liferay - supports responsive design Liferay 6.2 is more responsive with many optimizations done for touch devices Serves different Screens & Resolutions Complete Navigation Vertical & Horizontal Scale Build Mobile Portals for Smartphone, Tablets, Desktop or Custom Resolution CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 13
  14. 14. Liferay - supports responsive design (cont’d) • Optimizations such as – Quick Preview – Content Source same for all devices – Auto-adjust image size based on resolution Build Mobile Portals for Smartphone, Tablets, Desktop or Custom Resolution CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 14
  15. 15. Liferay - Scalable Platform with Mobile SDK More Info: Now Create Native Mobile Applications using Liferay CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 15
  16. 16. Solutions using Liferay as a Platform CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 16
  17. 17. Mobile sites using Liferay Semiconductor company CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential US based Drugstore UBMi 17
  18. 18. Portal platform for Travel & Hospitality Infrastructure UXP Elements Contextual – Sector Specific System Applications - Meeting Info Intranet, Sales Apps Predictive Search - Solr Security - Social – Forums, Chat, Comments Homegrown Gamification – Bunchball Content – Google Translate Administration – Liferay Dynamic proposal Generation Skins inline to the identity of 11 brands SSO– PING Stakeholders Worldwide Sales Regional Sales CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Nitro Marketing Team Brand Team Rewards Team Training Legal
  19. 19. Liferay as a platform for Gamification For User For Business Owner Earn Points through Gamification • Visiting site more often • Taking training • Watching Videos • Sharing • Taking Quizzes • Ratings • Comments on Discussions Advantages of Gamification • • • • Enterprise Gamification • • Post-Activity on Gamification • Rewards • Spending Points at IHG Store • Achievement and Reputation CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Collaboration through competition & participation Visibility - Top Performers, Leaderboards Insights on content through analytics and reports Increase in application adoption (ex: registrations, page views, return visits etc.) Formal and informal learning Clarity on sales goals, targets and forecasts
  20. 20. Liferay as platform for Gamification (cont’d…) Risk and Reward Quizzes Polls CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential Discussion Challenge 20
  21. 21. Insurance Quote Portal User rep. Analyst Service Desk Policy Modifications CICS Driver Summary Assign Driver Bind Basic Information Billing Forms Final ROI J2EE Household Applications Mediator WebApp Multi-Policy Active Directory Vehicle Summary Vehic;le Information Drool (Business Data) CTI Quote Policy Rules Customer Tollfree Numbers Corp. Data Access (CDA) HTML CSS User Data (Security functions) Liferay DB Transactions Data  Household  Data DB2 Mediator WebApp JQuery Gatekeeper Easy to Use and Faster Quote Processing (400% Improvement) CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 21
  22. 22. Global Benefits Mgmt. Portal Solution Architecture Mobile Browser friendly Custome r Portal Mobile Portal Rich Experience Ops Portal Sponsor Portal Social CS Portal Analytics Client HR Portals Portal Core (LIFERAY) Single window to Enterprise, Secure Access External Client Collaboration Applications Email, Chat etc. B2B SOA / ESB Service Repository, Service Orchestration, BPM, MQ IBM Mainframe ECM DM, RM BPM Archival BI/DW Imaging Reporting IDAM Business Services 20 Million users, 300 customers IBM Mainframe Services, Rich User Experience CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 22
  23. 23. Social Media Research Platform for Legal Firms Faster Time to Market; 20x Reduction in Costs CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 23
  24. 24. Portal with Advanced Sentiment Analysis Web based collaboration platform with an integrated social media analytics for legal firms An application suite for case management and research that collects, processes and analyses legal data in social media space. The solution integrates Big Data (MongoDB) with Liferay and Drupal to provide sentiment analysis, trends and behavioural insights to legal firms. Received “Innovator In Technology of the year” Award – Jan 2014 CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 24
  25. 25. Digital Marketing Platform Marketing Planners, Campaign Managers Authors, Content Creators, Publishers System Admins CMDB REST API Version 5.5 Version 6.1 Mule Enterprise Service Bus Version 3.3 ATLASSIAN JIRA LDAP Jenkins CI CQ5 Services Subversion CMDB Services Archiva and Nexus (Sonatype) Cloud-enabled/SaaS Scalable, Customizable DMP Platform CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 25
  26. 26. UBM UK 70+ Web Brands Liferay Instance hosting 70+ Microsites for Events, Magazines and Portals CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 26
  27. 27. Website Driving Revenue Scalable Portal powering 4,700 Stores, 31 States, 90,000 employees CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 27
  28. 28. Self Service Portal Localization support for 9 Languages, Faceted, Parametric & Site wide Search CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 28
  29. 29. POSADAS – Hospitality Portal to Increase RevPAR Rollout of website for 7 brands improving Guest Experience CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 29
  30. 30. Liferay Expertise @ CIGNEX Datamatics CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 30
  31. 31. Our Liferay Portal Practice Team Size: 240+ Projects: 200+ • Liferay’s First Global Platinum Partner • Liferay approved Training Partner • Liferay Partner of the Year Award – 2011, 2010 • Liferay Community Excellence Award – 2013, 2012, 2011 2013, 2012, 2011 Community Excellence Award • Author of 7 Liferay Books 2010, 2011 Liferay Partner of the Year • Over 4000 posts in Liferay Community • Over 80+ Liferay Certified Professionals • Connectors/Accelerators, Frameworks • Liferay SAP Portal • Liferay Big Data Portal • 60+ Products and reusable components CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 31
  32. 32. Portals - Integrated UXP Solution Offering Strategy Positioning Strategy Features Go-to-Market Technology Assessment Solution Evaluation Portal Deployment Creative Design Content Creation Ongoing Activities Transformation Technical Rollout Intelligence Services User Experience/ Customer Experience ECM Search Solutions UXP Portal Deployments Web Analytics Illustration Services Full Services & composition Multimedia & Videos Integration with Enterprise Apps Big Data Analytics Editorial Services IT infrastructure Graphics and Creative Services Mobile Apps Testing Services SEO Content Services Conversion Device Portability Social Media Marketing Abstraction & indexing ebooks Support & Maintenance Portal Support Services Product Support App Support Social Media Intelligence Infra Support Cataloging and Content Upgrades Performance Tuning Load Testing WS Configuration Log Files CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 32
  33. 33. Liferay Application Management Support Support & Maintenance Troubleshooting & Bug Fixes Product EOL Services Upgrade & Data Migration Application Monitoring Performance Monitoring Enhancements & Customizations Enhance and Extend the Application Life – Increase ROI CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 33
  34. 34. Liferay Performance Tuning Technological Infrastructure Search Engine Caching Solr HA & Scalability Concurrent Users LDAP Cultural Apache DB Image Gallery Settings Architecture Log File Log Files Bandwidth Usage Multicast Configuration Trace Deployment Network Software Configuration Hardware JVM Heap Network Governance Access Load Testing & Tuning PERFORMANCE Code Review Java Garbage Collection Web Page Testing Web Service Configuration System Files Bottlenecks LOC URL Testing Concurrent Users Design Level Flaws Style Sheets System Files Hardware Sizing Generic Rules Page Flow Page Time Configuration Recommendations CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 34
  35. 35. Thank You. Any Questions ? Making Open Source Work Name: Munwar Shariff Email: Title: CTO & Co-Founder CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential