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Alfresco based Publishing Management Solution by Integration MongoDB & Drupal


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Technology evolution has posed a major challenge in the business process on the publishing industry. Publishers seek for a unified solution where large published content can be stored, retrieved and searched, with better user interface and complex workflows.

This solution highlights the scalability achieved by Alfresco integration with Drupal, and MongoDB offering faster content & image retrieval, easier search, improved performance and simplified workflow.

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Alfresco based Publishing Management Solution by Integration MongoDB & Drupal

  1. 1. Alfresco based Publishing Management Solution by Integration with MongoDB & Drupal November 13, 2013 Rajesh Avatani CIGNEX Datamatics #SummitNow
  2. 2. • 150+ Magazines • Globally Distributed Content • Authors Collaborate, Create Magazine Content • Approval Process • Delivery Content on Various Publishing Channels #SummitNow #SummitNow
  3. 3. Why Integrate ? Collaborative Secure Way Of Creating Editorial Content Highly Scalable, High Performance Storage Flexible Multichannel Delivery #SummitNow #SummitNow
  4. 4. Why Alfresco ? Multi-tenancy Content Transformation Secure & Flexible Tablet/Mobile Content Platform Content Collaboration Engagement Process Oriented Publishing #SummitNow #SummitNow
  5. 5. Why MongoDB ? Sharding Scalable High Availability Full Index Support High Performance Document Oriented Storage #SummitNow #SummitNow
  6. 6. Why Drupal ? Lightweight UI Responsive Themes Social Media Sharing Multi-device Support Easy to Configure On-Time Content Delivery #SummitNow #SummitNow
  7. 7. Solution Architecture Content Authoring Alfresco MongoDB Connector Published Repository Retrieve Published Content Visitors on Site #SummitNow #SummitNow
  8. 8. Search Retrieve Visitors on Site Search Content Indexing 0 Approved Content #SummitNow #SummitNow
  9. 9. Multi-Channel Publishing Content Creation & Modification Portals Collections Internal Content Authors, Designers & Writers Laptop & Desktop Content Staging & Versioning External Content Authors, Designers & Writers Business Rules & Workflows Chunks Indexing & Replication Smartphone & Tablet GridFS Content Review & Approval Content Layer Other Channels #SummitNow Publishing Layer #SummitNow
  10. 10. #SummitNow