Alfresco and Drupal Integrated Solution for e-Governance Portal


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Drupal(WCM) and Alfresco(ECM) integrated e-Governance portal to provide comprehensive information about the city, various departments and associated services to residents, businesses and visitors.

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Alfresco and Drupal Integrated Solution for e-Governance Portal

  1. 1. Case Study Alfresco and Drupal based e-Governance Portal Media and Publishing Industry Public Services Technology Alfresco Drupal Web 2.0 features Share analytics Client The city on the west coast of US, established in 1866, has 3 colleges, 4 hospitals, approx. 100 restaurants, 4 libraries, 19 parks and 10 shopping malls with an estimated population of 109,000. The city has more than 200 small & medium businesses and is very popular among visitors/tourists. Business Need The client wanted to redesign the e-governance portal to provide comprehensive information about the city, various departments and associated services to residents, businesses and visitors - Provide user friendly online services, such as filing police reports & complaints, payment of utility bills, parking tickets, e-recreation registration, etc. Challenges The client faced the below problems with their existing platform - Outdated content and multiple websites § Difficulty in managing and updating content § Redundant content across sub-sites leading to low traffic - High maintenance, infrastructure, and support costs Solution On understanding the client's business challenges and requirements, CIGNEX Datamatics recommended an integrated solution using Alfresco content management system (CMS) as the content repository, Drupal web content management (WCM) as the content authoring layer and Drupal with ASP as the content presentation layer. The client was very happy with the solution proposed by CIGNEX Datamatics based on Alfresco and Drupal and chose CIGNEX Datamatics as the solution provider. America I Asia I Australia I Europe
  2. 2. Alliance Partners Key Features - Feature-rich city website (e-governance portal) with a collaborative community features § Web 2.0 features – blogs, forums, syndication, email alerts, rating, bookmarks & share with various social sites § Online services for city residents and business community - A well-defined content management and page management leading to an excellent administration & site visitor experience § Easy customization & management for system admin and community moderator § Content with a pre-defined release and expiration settings Key Benefits The Alfresco + Drupal based portal and CMS deployment helped the client achieve the following benefits: - Cost reduction § Over 50% savings on infrastructure alone through single hosting and consolidation of subwebsites into a single portal - The content in the website was up to date and was more engaging for the end users Results Alfresco – Drupal based solution increased visibility as web visits peaked by 70% due to up to date content on city's developments and happenings. There also was an increase in adoption of online services among residents and businesses. Contact Americas I Asia I Australia I Europe ver/DEC 2012