G325 section a1a examination quiz


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G325 section a1a examination quiz

  1. 1. Examination Quiz G325 Media Exam
  2. 2. Aim To recap on the first exam question To present group presentations
  3. 3. QuestionHow many questions do you answer in the exam?andWhich question have we covered so far?
  4. 4. Answer3 questions in total SectionA has 2 questions and Section B has 1 question We have covered preparation for the first question in section A
  5. 5. Question How are the marks divided into the 3 questions?
  6. 6. Answer Section A question 1. 25 marks Section A question 2. 25 marks Section B 50 marks Total 100 marks
  7. 7. Question How long is the whole examination?And How much time should you spend on each question?
  8. 8. Answer Whole examination is 2 hours 30 minutes on section A question 1 30 minutes on section A question 2 1 hour on section B
  9. 9. Question What are the 5 areas that could come up in your exam for section A question 1?
  10. 10. Answer Research and Planning Using real media conventions Creativity Digital technology Post production
  11. 11. Question How many of the above areas could appear in your question?
  12. 12. Answer Oneor maximum two areas could come up in the question
  13. 13. Question What is the main focus of this question?
  14. 14. Answer Todemonstrate skills development from AS to A2
  15. 15. Question How many productions are you suppose to mention in your answer for this question?
  16. 16. Answer Two productions. Your AS Thriller opening sequence and your A2 music video project.
  17. 17. Question What other work from AS and A2 can you mention in your answer other than your main productions?
  18. 18. Answer Evaluations Preliminary exercise Ancillary tasks Logo production
  19. 19. Question TheTEA formula must be used when answering this question. What does TEA stand for?
  20. 20. Answer Terminology Example Analysis
  21. 21. Activity Pick a coloured card from the table
  22. 22. ActivityThose who have a red card sit to the left and those who have a green card sit to the right
  23. 23. Activity Red card holder you are the RED team- I would like you to create 6 questions of which you could ask the opposite team in relation to Research and Planning and Using Real Media Conventions Green card holders you are the GREEN team- I would like you to create 6 questions of which you could ask the opposite team in relation to Digital Technology and Post Production
  24. 24. Activity In turn each team will ask and answer the set questions 10 points per answer If a team answers a question incorrectly they will be required to produce an extra presentation based around the question they couldnt answer, READY TO PRESENT NEXT LESSON! Good luck! You have 10 minutes to create your questions!