G322 video games notes


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G322 video games notes

  1. 1. G322 Institutions and Audiences: Video GamesThe areas your exam question will be based on will be the following; 1. Production 2. Distribution 3. Marketing 4. Consumption 5. ExchangeThe question will also include a technical term which you will need to refer to. These includethe following; 1. Media Convergence 2. Technological Convergence 3. Proliferation 4. Synergy 5. Media OwnershipPast exam question example:Discuss the importance of cross media convergence and synergy in production and marketing?Remember • When answering the question you must make sure you refer to both your case studies (Red Dead Redemption and you chosen game). • Stick to the areas that are in the question ONLY. So, for the question above only discuss PRODUCTION and MARKETING in terms of MEDIA CONVERGENCE and SYNERGY. • Always use EXAMPLES from the two games you have studied to back up your points.