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Film production LSN 1


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Film production LSN 1

  1. 1. AS Media StudiesUnit G322 – Section B The Film Industry
  2. 2. The Film Industry• Production.• Distribution.• Exhibition.
  3. 3. Production• Can be split into 3 further sub-sections:• PRE-PRODUCTION• PRODUCTION• POST-PRODUCTION
  4. 4. Pre-production• Casting• Getting the budget• Writing / developing the script• Hiring the crew• Choosing and visiting the locations• Hiring the director and producer 4
  5. 5. Production• Filming the movie - shooting every scene that appears in the film• The director getting the best of the stars• Finessing and even changing the script on location• Arranging, reheursing and filming the stunts• Moving the crew from location to location 5
  6. 6. Post production• Editing the footage that has been shot - pictures and sound• Editing and re-editing so the film is polished• Laying on the extra sound effects• Laying on a narrator if neccesary• Adding the music• Adding the graphics and special effects 6
  7. 7. Distribution• Distribution companies (or distributors) are involved in P and A - Prints and Advertising.• They make the copies (prints) of the film which are distributed to cinemas, video stores, retailers and TV companies.• They are also responsible for the marketing campaign of the film, advertising it to maximise the audience.
  8. 8. Distribution• Film distribution is dominated by a relatively small number of massive companies (I.e. an oligopoly).• These companies are often owned by larger companies that are also involved in film production. E.g. Buena Vista are part of Disney.
  9. 9. Distribution• The distributors of a film have a range of advertising and promotional strategies.• Different films are marketed in very different ways - it all depends on the target audience that the distribution company has identified.• E.g. Attack the Block used different strategies to Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
  10. 10. Exhibition• Exhibition refers to the final stage of the chain - the cinema, DVD, TV etc.• Exhibitors (cinemas) have to pay the distributors to rent prints of the film.• They then generate revenue through selling popcorn etc.• A company involved in film production, distribution and exhibition is known as a vertically integrated company.