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Digital technology

  1. 1. Digital Technology G325 section A
  2. 2. What to think about in your answer• Digital technology refers to hardware, software and online technology, so the cameras, the computers, the packages you used and the programs online that you have worked with. It is worth considering how all this inter-links.• post-production would actually fall under digital technology as well, so if that comes up it would probably represent an expansion of points youd make in one section of digital technology.
  3. 3. What to think about in your answer• It is really about everything you do after constructing the raw materials for your production; so once you have taken photos and written text, how do you manipulate it all in photoshop or desktop publishing for a print product or once you have shot your video, what do you do to it in editing.
  4. 4. Digital TechnologySome important areas to consider in your answer• Web 2.0• Consumers as producers• Impact of digital technology on production
  5. 5. WEB 2.0• Web 2.0 is the term given to describe a Web 1.0- first second generation of generation of the the World Wide Web that is focused on the World Wide Web ability for people to static pages, dial up collaborate and share and master information online. generated
  6. 6. YOUR USAGE OF WEB 2.0• Blogger – adding posts with information on planning and research.• Multimedia Sharing- YouTube, Flicker and Odeo- for videos, pictures and podcasts• Social networking sites- communication with artist.• Aggregation services- like for research purposes.
  7. 7. Consumers as Producers• Web 1.0- passive consumers using technology- consuming knowledge with no interaction.• Web 2.0- active consumers using technology- consuming knowledge and adding knowledge e.g. comments on blogs.• Web.2.0- active producers using technology- producing web base materials- blogs, videos, podcasts etc.
  8. 8. Impact of digital technology on productionExamples of Some of the DT’s You May Have Used• Digital technologies Internet 3G & 4G Technologies DVD MP3/ MP4 Players• Digital SoftwareFinal Cut Pro DTP Adobe Photoshop PPT Word• Digital Hardware Digital camcorder Digital voice recorder Digital stills camera Webcam
  9. 9. Questions to consider• How you used DT to aid you in the organisation of your R+P?• How you utilized DT to gain audience feedback?• How you may have used everyday DT to help you with your creative production at A2 and AS?• How did your access to DT helped you gain both quantitative and qualitative research findings?• How did you use DT to make sure your main and ancillary task were successfully combined.