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Collective prompt 1


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Published in: News & Politics, Spiritual
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Collective prompt 1

  1. 1. Collective IdentityYouth: Prompt Question One
  2. 2. QuestionHow do the contemporary media representnations, regions and ethnic/social/ collectivegroups of people in different ways?
  3. 3. Translation• The question is essentially asking you to compare how different contemporary media construct (represent) young British people in different ways.
  4. 4. Example• Compare how young British people are represented through film texts and TV.• Briefly refer to historical texts to get the point across of the change in representation.• Explain how media has contributed to this change. So, how do films such as the Inbetweeners construct young people in comparison to a TV drama like Misfits.
  5. 5. Key Terms• Representation: is the construction in any medium of aspects of reality, such as people, places, objects, cultural identities and other abstract concepts.
  6. 6. Key Terms• Ideology: for the purposes of Media Studies is, put simply, the ideas behind a media text. In any society there is an agreed set of beliefs that underpins that society.• For example, the moral values of Christianity that underpin much of the British society even today. Skins youth representation broken moral values negative representation=idea behind the Show.
  7. 7. Ideologies associated with youth representation• Gang culture• Youth in revolt (rebellious)• Masculinity in crisis (e.g. violence/powerless)• Absent father• Binary opposites e.g. youth vs. adult
  8. 8. Key Terms• Hegemony: the accepted and agreed beliefs in any particular society which could be shared from those in control.• Football currently has hegemonic status in the UK - glance through the sports pages and see what coverage other sports get - and everyone is expected to understand and accept its national importance.
  9. 9. Key Terms• Hegemony: the media also has a part to play in developing and maintaining hegemony.• One way this could be done is through stereotypical representations. Those in control (producers) decide what representations we are exposed to.• If such representations were challenged (presented in a positive light) then this could mean the particular text is altering the hegemony
  10. 10. Screening: E20 series 3 episodes 1&2• Describe how the young characters are represented.• What ideologies are presented in E20? Does this connote to a positive or negative representation.• Do you think Hegemony is maintained or altered? Explain your answer.