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Collective identity intro


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Collective identity intro

  2. 2. Exam• 50 marks• 1 hour• 6 topics are available: we will study collective identity• X2 questions will be available for this topic you will answer one
  3. 3. Collective Identity• Case studies we will cover in terms of collective identity will be1.GENDERAND2.YOUTH
  4. 4. Specification• 1. You MUST refer to at least TWO different media (TV AND FILM will be the two media we will cover)• 2. You MUST refer to past, present and future (with the emphasis on the present- contemporary examples from the past five years)• 3. refer to critical/theoretical positions
  5. 5. Specification• So, for 1 we will compare and contrast TV and Film.• For 2, we will look into past and present representations of Gender and Youth in TV AND FILM and discuss future representations.• For 3, you need some critics/writers who have developed ideas about representation and identity.
  6. 6. Specification• The spec also points out 4 prompt questions which we should base our study on.• We will study both case studies (youth and gender) in relation to these 4 prompt questions.
  7. 7. Prompt Questions• How do the contemporary media represent nations, regions and ethnic / social / collective groups of people in different ways?• How does contemporary representation compare to previous time periods?• What are the social implications of different media representations of groups of people?• To what extent is human identity increasingly ‘mediated’?
  8. 8. OVERALL• CLASS: Study collective identity referring to the two case studies of youth and gender.• CLASS: Answer 4 prompt questions in relation to both case studies.• EXAM: Pick one question under the collective identity topic.• EXAM: Refer your answer to one of the case studies (gender or youth)
  9. 9. Past Exam Questions• Analyse the ways in which the media represent any one group of people that you have studied.• With reference to any one group of people that you have studied, discuss how their identity has been ‘mediated’.• Analysethe ways in which the media represent groups of people.• “The media do not construct collective identity; they merely reflect it”. Discuss.
  10. 10. Guideline reminder• Historical – candidates must summaries the development of the media forms in question in theoretical contexts.• Contemporary- current issues within the topic• Future- candidates must demonstrate personal engagement with debates about the future of the media forms/issues that the topic relates to.
  11. 11. Material• Youth- x2 contemporary films, x3 contemporary TV programmes, x1 past films and x1 past TV Program.• Gender- x2 contemporary films, x3 contemporary TV programmes, x1 past films and x1 past TV program.