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My Silverlight 2 presentation at IEDOTNETUG for the Visual Studio 2008 launch.

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  • Silverlight 2 was released last week during MIX-2008 and actually there was no time to try out all new tools and demos that have been made available a few days agoAs a result I didn’t come up with evidence and hands-on experience for all the info. in my presentation; but the details hopefully will provide you with a couple of good starting points for Silverlight 2.-Silverlight definition-Release info – SL1, SL1.1, SL2-Longest part: Rich internet application features of SL2-Business aspect: Why you should get involved in SL2 right now? What you should take care of as an early adopter …-A FAQ slide to keep you from digging for detailed info and getting lost– as there is so much to read on SL…-Resources section
  • [CIGDEM]At the end of the presentation there is an info-slide regarding the installation + setup.SL 1.1 is now called 2Currently Public Beta 1SL 1.0 in SL 2 playerSL2 SUPPORT for: All .NET dev languages/ Enterprise level apps/ Control development
  • [CIGDEM]At the end of the presentation there is an info-slide regarding the installation + setup.SL 1.1 is now called 2Currently Public Beta 1SL 1.0 runs in an SL 2 playerSL2 SUPPORT for: All .NET dev languages/ Enterprise level apps/ Control developmentThe release for final version is not public yet; which may be a problem when defining your Project timeline.
  • SILVERLIGHT2Get your web solution onto your offline desktop appCross platform, cross browser version of the .NET frameworkIntegration of developer-designer workflow Silverlight support for Visual Studio 2008 and Expression StudioCan provide AJAX++ experiences with very little code
  • [CIGDEM]Before taking a closer look at SL 2 – check out this quick comparison of the UIFramework for SL1 and SL2.The pictures that I found in a MS presentation - highlight the capability of SL2 over SL1.1.SL 2 does offer more functionality and development control!Plus the hype around SL2 doesn’t seem to stop at all!SL2 Beta 1:All standard controls (Text Box, ScrollBar, CheckBox, RadioButton etc.)Multiple layout containers (Grid, StackPanel, Canvas) In short, if you're familiar with WPF today, you'll be right at home with Silverlight 2.0.
  • Note: additional controls to follow between Beta 1 and final releaseThis is just a sneak preview of the controls to follow.
  • [CIGDEM]Even though I didn’t have a chance to do some samples right after the product releases,I got some screenshots from the new Silverlight controls in Visual Studio and Expression Blend.As you see the evidence is there, yet there is still a list of samples I need to go through
  • Runtime features = SDK librariesDynamic Languages: Jscript, IronRuby, IronPythonLINQ for XML*XML Serialization* ( = XML APIs)Syndication APIs (RSS)*SL2: Tight small package – fast downloadSL2 – subset of WPF (same XAML assets in desktop app)Does run o a variety of browsersRuns on Windows + MACDoes work in LINUX – Novell partnership (Channel 9 – moonlight?)WCF – HTTP – XML – LINQ supportOnly a small portion of .NET libs. Have not been included in the codebase to keep size smallNEW: HTML- Javascript API (are not in .NET)New WPF controls only shipped in SL2 Beta 1supports cross-domain network access, which allows Silverlight developers to access the same data that websites have made available to Flash developers. Finally, Silverlight 2 also features built-in sockets networking support.Silverlight 2 includes a cross-platform, cross-browser version of the .NET Framework, but only one install is required; the .NET Framework does not need to be on the user's computer for Silverlight to function.
  • PPT: Business with SLDevelopment platform battle is in full swing… Adobe-Apollo/ Flash – MS Silverlight etc.As an early adopter, you will shape the environment and take part in the evolution of the platform. LONG TERM advantagesInternal perspective: within your work/dvlp environment, AS3 – Action script ???EXTERNAL: Straightforward solution – utilize existing videolibraries instead of Flash – video conversionWHAT YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF:-Release cycle not public – if you work on a SL2 project your launch deadline is important -You will have easy transition based on .NET/C# background + supportFamiliarity with .NET/C#-There is a player/plug-in download requirement, which is not a big deal …COMPETITION: Gaming industry, Mobile industry, Advertising industry –Everything still evolves and there is still the chance to become part of that as an early adopter.Following Info from Gaming Platform PPT:Compelling Cross-Platform User ExperienceFlexible object-oriented model: Fully managed code to improve encapsulation and centralizationDeclarative presentation language (Xaml)Role specific tools (designer/developer workflow) + Rapid application development Info from Advertising PPT: Silverlight 2 provides a comprehensive programming model for rich media and in-stream advertising scenarios.Strong 3rd party support for Silverlight from rich media, ad serving and publishing partners.Polite ads: Until app. Starts/downloads a polite ad is displayedSplash screen ads
  • PPT: Business with SL-Know the missing toolset to be prepared for challenges-Learning curve -The reality check will come when developers dig deeper into the toolset-Don’t neglect real world problems!
  • (SCOTT GUTHRIE – BLOG)Internationalization: It can also use the system fonts and doesn't require font packages to be downloaded.SAVE DIALOG:We don't have one in Beta1 (we have OpenDialog but no save).  There are some interesting security implications that we want to make sure we get absolutely right before we add it.  Until then I recommend uploading to the server and using a hyperlink to prompt the browser's save dialog.FIREFOX:FireFox 3.0 will be supported by SL 2 when it ships.  They recently changed how rendering works for plugins with their recent beta, and we know we have some issues with that with Beta1.  We'll be fixing them in Beta2 though.We'll be shipping designer support for Silverlight with Beta1 as well. Blend will have built-in source control in the future.  ???  I think we support the standard Windows automation apis (which enable screen readers and testing automation for both IE and FireFox).
  • FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT AWAIT TO START experimenting WITH Silverlight 2 (especially after my Informative presentation) – A COUPLE OF TIPS:The Silverlight 2 Tools release (2nd item above) includes the Silverlight 2 runtime and the SDK. You don't need to install the runtime separately first: just run the tools installer and you'll have everything you need. The Visual Studio extensions don't work with the Express editions - make sure you've got the full Visual Studio 2008 installed before attempting to install them. If you installed Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, uninstall it first, along with any related tools or SDKs before installing Silverlight 2 Beta 1. Otherwise you might have to work out a mess before installation is complete.-AVG problems
  • – Video samplesScott Guthrie – Series of Silverlight 2 tutorialsJesse Liberty – Series of Silverlight 2 samples, Silverlight Tip of the DayThe day Silverlight 2 is released, various MSDN blogs provided on-line tutorials .Most of these  tutorials will be targeted at .NET developers,  but won’t assume the reader has experience in Silverlight or WPF .
  • If you want to build a rich Internet application, Silverlight should absolutely be at the top of your list forconsideration. No other platform will offer such a rich UI framework, and all the data templates and stylingcapabilities, coupled with the power of the .NET Framework and base class libraries, along with an easymigration path to a full unrestricted Windows desktop solution.SL 2 – platform still maturing + in-developmentPlatform – look sharp, feel good, extend interactive feel of appl.MAIN QUESTION: Are the benefits worth the costs???Principle for Platform Choice: RICH WITH REACHFurther questions:Does Silverlight get my app in front of more users (more reach)? Does Silverlight allow my app to do more, or be smaller, or be faster (more rich)? What are the business ramifications of aligning with Microsoft’s platform? What is the growth path for Silverlight?
  • Silverlight2 Presentation

    1. 1. Silverlight 2 - Appetizer<br />CigdemPatlak<br />March 2008<br />
    2. 2. AGENDA<br /><ul><li>What is Silverlight?
    3. 3. Release Roadmap
    4. 4. Silverlight 2 RIA Features
    5. 5. Why Silverlight?
    6. 6. Silverlight 2 – FAQ
    7. 7. Resources + BlogTips</li></ul>IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />2<br />
    8. 8. What is Silverlight?<br />Cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the <br />next generation of media experiences & rich interactive<br />applications (RIAs) for the Web<br />Silverlight 1 supports<br /><ul><li>a JavaScript/Ajax programming model
    9. 9. fully launched player
    10. 10. XAML: Write once, run (almost)</li></ul>everywhere<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />3<br />
    11. 11. Silverlight Release - RoadMap<br /><ul><li>Silverlight V1 Shipped Q307
    12. 12. Silverlight V2
    13. 13. March 5th: Beta 1 (non-commercial go-live)
    14. 14. Q208: Beta 2 (go live)
    15. 15. Tools
    16. 16. Expression Suite and Visual Studio updates for all public Silverlight releases
    17. 17. Visual Studio Designer support (Cider) later this year</li></ul>IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />4<br />
    18. 18. Silverlight 2 = RIA<br />Greater consistency between Silverlight and WPF <br />Rich Controls<br />Rich Base Class Library<br />Rich Networking Support<br />Rich UI framework built-in<br />Applications can be in various languages (VB, C#, JavaScript, IronPhyton and IronRuby)<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />5<br />
    19. 19. Silverlight UI Frameworks<br />SL 1.1 Alpha<br />SL 2 Beta<br />Tiny subset of WPF UI <br />MediaElement<br />Path<br />TextBlock<br />Extensible control framework<br />Two-way data binding<br />Templates / Styles<br />All standard controls<br />Layout containers <br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />6<br />
    20. 20. Silverlight 2 - Beta 1 Controls<br /><ul><li>Canvas
    21. 21. FileOpenDialog
    22. 22. Grid
    23. 23. Image
    24. 24. ItemsControl
    25. 25. MediaElement
    26. 26. MultiScaleImage
    27. 27. StackPanel
    28. 28. TextBox
    29. 29. TextBlock
    30. 30. Button
    31. 31. Popup
    32. 32. CheckBox*
    33. 33. DataGrid*
    34. 34. DateTimePicker*
    35. 35. GridSplitter*
    36. 36. Hyperlink*
    37. 37. ListBox*
    38. 38. Calendar*
    39. 39. RadioButton*
    40. 40. Slider*
    41. 41. ToggleButton*
    42. 42. Tooltip*
    43. 43. WatermarkTextBox*</li></ul>* ship in a separate library<br />Note: additional controls to follow between Beta 1 and final release<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />7<br />
    44. 44. Silverlight Controls<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />8<br />
    45. 45. Silverlight 2 Runtime Features<br /><ul><li>2D, Graphics
    46. 46. Audio, Video
    47. 47. Animations
    48. 48. Text, Text Input*
    49. 49. Controls*
    50. 50. Layout*
    51. 51. Styles/Templates*
    52. 52. Data Binding*
    53. 53. Networking
    54. 54. HTTP/S and Sockets*
    55. 55. .NET Support*
    56. 56. C# and VB.NET*
    57. 57. LINQ*
    58. 58. XML APIs*
    59. 59. Generics*
    60. 60. HTML Integration*
    61. 61. JSON Serializer
    62. 62. Local storage*
    63. 63. Crypto APIs (AES)*
    64. 64. Threading*</li></ul>* New in Silverlight 2<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />9<br />
    65. 65. Why Consider Silverlight Adoption Now?<br />INTERNAL<br />EXTERNAL<br />.NET Community <br />Resource variety<br />AS 3 and C# are similar<br />Support for multiple languages <br />Tighter designer/developer <br /> integration<br />Affordable toolset (Expression Studio)<br />WMV video libraries<br />Microsoft internet properties <br />Player download/installation<br />Room for multiple platforms<br />Competition is rising!<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />10<br />
    66. 66. Silverlight Key-Points For C#/.NET Developers<br />More interface capabilities<br />Lighter feature set (WPF)<br />Leverage .NET skillset<br />C# in a browser – exciting opportunity!<br />NEW: Animation/timeline<br />Mouse event driven interactivity<br />Beta, layout/controls relatively new<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />11<br />
    67. 67. Silverlight 2 – FAQ<br /><ul><li>Mobile support
    68. 68. Security issues
    69. 69. Supports Asian fonts and IME support.  
    70. 70. AAA or Section 508 compatibility
    71. 71. Cross-domain access support
    72. 72. SL 2 is backwards compatible with SL 1 applications.
    73. 73. Supports both UI automation as well as unit testing.
    74. 74. There are plans to support Opera and Safari on Windows in the future. FireFox 3.0 will be supported by SL 2 when it ships.  
    75. 75. Designer Support for Beta1 will be shipped</li></ul>IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />12<br />
    76. 76. NEW Downloads <br /><ul><li>Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Runtime
    77. 77. Silverlight 2 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 and SDK
    78. 78. Updated: Source Code / Unit Tests for Silverlight 2 Controls
    79. 79. Expression Studio 2 Beta (contains Blend, Design, Encoder, Media and Web)
    80. 80. Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview
    81. 81. Updated: Expression DeepZoom Composer </li></ul>IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />13<br />
    82. 82. Resources + Blog Tips<br /><ul><li>Video samples/Tutorials:
    83. 83. Mix08:
    84. 84. Breaking Changes in Silverlight 2:</li></ul><br />BLOGS<br /><ul><li>Scott Guthrie:
    85. 85. Jesse Liberty :
    86. 86. Tim Sneath:
    87. 87. Adam Kinney:
    88. 88. Tim Heuer:</li></ul>IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />14<br />
    89. 89. Q/A<br />IEDOTNETUG Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 Launch Event<br />15<br />