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The nfl in toronto1


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The nfl in toronto1

  1. 1. International Marketing Plan By Chris Ostrow
  2. 2.  Since October of 2006 Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that he would like to expand the NFL into international soil. For the past three seasons the NFL has set venues in cities such as Mexico City, London, Beijing, and Toronto. In 1997 The NFL developed to spread the growth of the sport.
  3. 3.  The NFL is the perfect sport for international expansion because teams only play against each other once a week so traveling would not be an issue. Toronto, Canada would be an ideal location for an NFL franchise because it’s proximity to the United States and a common language shared.
  4. 4.  According to the CFL has been in existence since 1909 so the rules of the game is not difficult for Toronto fans to understand. The NFL also has experience playing games in Canada. It is obvious that they see potential in the market, as the Buffalo Bills have signed up and agreed to play 8 regular season games over the next five seasons in Toronto.
  5. 5.  According to Toronto boasts the fifth largest population of any city in North America. Toronto also has four major highways, multi- modal railway facilities, subways, trains, and a strong economic system Toronto’s public transit system is the second largest in North America. Toronto also has a great sports history with the Maple Leafs, Raptors, Toronto FC, and The Argonauts.
  6. 6.  According to politically Canada and the United States share the friendliest relations of two bordering countries in the world. We share many things in common including similarities in economics, legal system, politics, military, and academics. We have many peace treaties together and are huge trading partners. Placing an NFL franchise would be something that can only bring the two countries closer. With all of our history together working as neighbors the transition should be a smooth one.
  7. 7.  Upon my research we decided it was feasible to set up an expansion team in Toronto. In order to get to the root of our fans we had a poll set up on our website where they can vote for the Toronto expansion team name. Fan interaction is very important to us because we want the city of Toronto to really feel like this team represents them in every aspect possible. The Yeti’s, The Wolves, The Blizzard, The Huskies and the Iceman were the fans options.
  8. 8.  The Wolves won the survey which ran from November 15th, 2009 to December 1st 2009. The Huskie’s came in a close second in the poll. We decided the name the Wolves fit our marketing strategy and was the perfect fit for our franchise name. To view the results for yourself you can visit the link at
  9. 9.  Several Focus groups tested the best colors for the team and we came to the conclusion our team colors would be: Ice Blue, White, Red and Grey
  10. 10.  We believe the best location for our expansion franchise to play its home games would be the Rogers Centre. The capacity of the venue is 54,000 seats with option to add more seats if needed
  11. 11.  It has a Retractable roof can close within twenty minutes. Downtown location offers fans and out of town visitors easy access to the Stadium The Rogers Centre is the most equipped stadium for people with disabilities in all of Canada, Including entrances and washrooms that meet the needs of disabled people. A Hotel on location to plan a vacation. Fine Dining
  12. 12.  Luxury Suites- 400 Wolf Pack Section- 185 Lower Mezzanine- 155 Upper Deck- 80 For VIP Section please call-416-341-1440 For Group Sales please call-416-341-1445
  13. 13.  Exclusive Dining Options: Sightlines Restaurant Sightlines Restaurant, an exclusive open-air restaurant, offers premium seating with striking views of the field right from your table. Sightlines Restaurant is open on event days for pre-event and event dining and is available on non- event days for private catered functions HSBC Club VIP A members-only seating area, restaurant and bar in use during the Blue Jays and Wolves games. Individuals with in the Action Season Tickets, Luxury Suite Partnership Packages (5 games or more) as well as HSBC Club VIP Season Tickets are eligible to use the many amenities. Hard Rock Cafe is an independently operated restaurant overlooking right field. Reservations must be made in advance. Guests enter via a separate entrance between the Hotel and Gate 3.
  14. 14. Roundhouse Carvery and Bar Quaker Steak & Lube Hogtown Grill Pizza Pizza Queen Street Favourite Concessions Stands that open 2 hours before kickoff!
  15. 15.  Sponsorship Inquiry Form First Name____________________ Last Name____________________ Company Name___________________ Address Contact___________________ Province/State_____________________ Country__________________________ Email Address______________________ Phone Number______________________ Comments_________________________ _________________________________
  16. 16.  250,000k Ribbon Around Stadium Quarter Ribbon Board Sponsorship: this will include presence on Ribbon Board, Main Videoboard and Profence for each quarter at every home regular season game. Ribbon Board consists of two sections which extend 435 feet on each side of the Main Videoboard and runs along the 300 level at Rogers Centre giving you ample space to feature your creative During play. Property includes (logo) presence on Main Videoboard for the end of the quarter. Gain camera visible exposure with logo placement on each of the two ProFence signage boards Exposure for each quarter lasts approximately (15) minutes
  17. 17.  500,000 Scoreboard One of the largest videoboards in North America - 33 high x 110 wide Bring your brand to life through the development of a customized BreakPromotion. Utilize all elements of the advanced Rogers Centre Videoboardsystem, including: Main Videoboard ProFence Ribbon Board
  18. 18.  95,000 K Concourse Concourse Backlights Located throughout Rogers Centre near hightraffic areas such as ramps, concession stands & concourse walls Each position is 4 high x 8 wide Year-round exposure to all events Ring of Excellence This front lit banner ring, spanning from left-field foul pole to right-field foul pole on the 100 Level concourse, allows for a subtle yet effective integration into the guest experience.
  19. 19.  Electronic Media High-definition plasma televisions positioned in high traffic areas at Rogers Centre including: above concession stands, concourse pillars and washrooms. With 70 screens in total, Rogers Centre Electronic Media will offer your company a thirty second spot per rotation utilizing 2/3 of the screen.
  20. 20.  Advertising will take place for our team throughout the city of Toronto on subways, trains, buses, and a viral campaign on buildings. We will also advertise on the internet with new forms of social content such as YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Other forms of advertising we plan on implementing with our keys sponsors of the NFL such as Coors, Miller Distributing , Subway Restaurants, Quiznos, Pepsi , Doritos, Sierra Mist, and Go-,2009) We also plan on capitalizing on the key sponsors of NFL Canada Labatt, Reebok Canada, FedEx Canada and Hostess Frito Lay. (,2009)
  21. 21.  We plan on targeting our demographic on the radio through stations such as 93.5 fm who plays urban music, 97.3 fm which plays rock music, and the FAN 590 am which is a sports network that that will promote our team. Magazines with key target markets should be used also such as Muscle and Fitness, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Maxim.
  22. 22.  Roger Godell giving away 100 tickets in front of the Rogers Centre to the first 100 fans that respond to the Wolves on Twitter’s message. Five NFL players could be traveling to work or school with you. We will have five players from the expansion draft roster giving out flyers raising awareness on trains and subway stations around the Toronto area.
  23. 23.  NFL Kids Play 60 Kick Your Way to 250,000 presented by Home Depot Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund Pepsi Fan Of The Year Take A Wolf To School Day High School Coach of the year
  24. 24. Wolves Opponent Location Channel Time DateBuffalo Bills Rogers Centre NBC 8:15 Sunday Sept 12,2010Carolina Panthers Bank of America Stadium FOX 4:05 Sunday Sept 19,2010New York Jets Rogers Centre CBS 1:00 Sunday Sept 26, 2010Atlanta Falcons Georgia Dome FOX 1:00 Sunday Oct, 3, 2010New England Pats Gillette Stadium CBS 1:00 Sunday Oct 10, 2010Tennessee Titans Rogers Centre CBS 1:00 Sunday Oct 17, 2010New Orleans Saints Rogers Centre ESPN 8:30 Monday Oct 25, 2010Miami Dolphins Land Shark Stadium CBS 1:00 Sunday Oct 31, 2010Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Municpal Stadium CBS 4:00 Sunday Nov 7, 2010BYE OFF OFF OFF OFFBuffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium CBS 1:00 Sunday Nov 21, 2010Miami Dolphins Rogers Centre CBS 1:00 Sunday Nov 28, 2010Tampa Bay Bucs Rogers Centre FOX 1:00 Sunday Dec 5th, 2010Houston Texans Rogers Centre NFL Network 8:00 Thursday Dec 9th, 2010San Diego Chargers Qualcomm Stadium CBS 4:30 Sunday Dec 19th, 2010San Fransico 49ers Rogers Centre FOX 1:00 Sunday Dec 26th, 2010New York Jets Giants Stadium CBS 4:00 Sunday Jan 2nd, 2011 Every Wolves Game Will Be Broadcasted On 590 AM
  25. 25.  Strengths- The NFL is committed to expanding overseas. The NFL is the most stable economically out of all the professional sports. Canada is the only country to have a professional football league in place so familiarity with the sport will not be an issue. The Rogers Centre is located down town giving fans in and out of town easy access to our stadium. Out of town fans can have the ability to stay in the hotel that is located in our stadium.
  26. 26.  Opportunities- Canadian sponsors and television revenue will be a great addition to the NFL. The NFL while soaring in popularity can seize the opportunity to create new fans in an untapped market. The Toronto Wolves will be the first international team to play in the NFL. We are committed to setting the stage as a leader in the industry. We plan on attracting top talent, coaches, and provide the fan base with a commitment to winning a Super Bowl.
  27. 27.  Weaknesses- The Rogers Centre capacity of 54,000 would be the second smallest stadium in the NFL only to the Chicago Bears Soldier Field which holds 52,000. Hockey is king in Canada.
  28. 28.  Threats- Movies, Theater, The Blue Jays, The Toronto FC Soccer, CFL, Raptors, and the Maple Leafs all are considered threats because they already have established a loyal fan base in Toronto. Boxing, UFC, and any form of minor league sport may also be a threat to our product.