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Friends(for slideshare)


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how to be a friend

Published in: Spiritual

Friends(for slideshare)

  1. 1. By: Amelia Flingle
  2. 2.  Good friends will do nice things for others. They might help by carrying something for someone. Most importantly, NEVER EVER EVER call someone a bad friend!
  3. 3.  You should hang out with your friends. Unless you absolutely can’t, you should spend most of your time with friends. Also, if a friend is fighting, being annoying, or being boring, that doesn’t mean you should move them down on your friends list. An example of what you shoudln’t do: ebook-friends.jpg
  4. 4. Now that I gave u a few tips, do you know how to be a friend? Try out the tips and see how your friends like it. Ask how your doing as a friend….Good news! Did your pals say you’re a good friend? Then keep using those tips. But, they might have not noticed the change and still think you’re the same. If they say you’re a bad friend later, STOP USING THOSE TIPS!