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F abylaine maxwell aldemir thiago de souza 902


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Published in: Education
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F abylaine maxwell aldemir thiago de souza 902

  1. 1. Sasuke is taller than Naruto.Sasuke is taller than Naruto.
  2. 2. sakura draws better than draws better than renata.
  3. 3. Naruto is more intelligent thanNaruto is more intelligent than Sasuke.Sasuke.
  4. 4. sakura is the is the tallest.
  5. 5. Naruto is the funniest.Naruto is the funniest.
  6. 6. Rock Lee is the most hard-Rock Lee is the most hard- working.working.
  7. 7. Kakashi is the most intelligent.Kakashi is the most intelligent.
  8. 8. Fabylaine Maxwell Aldemir Thiago de souza