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Presentation for HL7 - HIMSS12 Conference - February 2012

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  • AmericanEHR Partners HIMSS12 Conference HL7 Presentation

    1. 1. The View From the Trenches — What 3,000 Physicians Havetold us About EHRs and Meaningful UseThomson Kuhn, Sr. Systems Architect, ACPAlan Brookstone MD, CEO Cientis TechnologiesFebruary 23, 2012
    2. 2. Background• Founded by the American College of Physicians and Cientis Technologies in July 2010• Supported by 16 additional professional societies and content partners, including HIMSS• >13,000 registered members, representing more than 280,000 clinicians in member practices• 69% members in practices of 10 clinicians or less• Goals: – Selection of appropriate EHRs – Optimization and effective use of EHRs – Collection of robust, real-time EHR usage data to assist with decision making and research
    3. 3. Participating Organizations Content Partner In Progress
    4. 4. Governance• Four Advisory Groups – Clinical Advisory Group – EHR Vendor Advisory Group – Professional Society Advisory – Stakeholder Advisory
    5. 5. Survey Methodology• Real-time satisfaction rating data collected from physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners• All nationally certified ambulatory EHR products• Based on a 139-question online survey• >84,000 members surveyed in 9 professional societies• > 3,700 responses from users of EHRs
    6. 6. Members Surveyed (84,861 to date)Society Survey Conducted # SurveyedACP April 2010 14,000AAAAI Nov 2010 3,160AOAMI (AOA) Dec 2010 15,755IDSA Jan 2011 4,789RPA Feb 2011 1,821ACP Mar 2011 11,151ACP July 2011 11,331AAPA Aug 2011 OrganicACR Oct 2011 3,427ACS Nov 2011 11,542ASCO Feb 2012 12,674
    7. 7. Member Metrics & Dashboards
    8. 8. Top 10 Ratings (by Practice Size) n Value
    9. 9. EHR Product Ratings12 Categories
    10. 10. Rating BenchmarksBenchmark
    11. 11. EHR Vendor Comparison Tool
    12. 12. Detailed Ratings for MU CriteriaMenu Set Core Core Core Core CoreMenu SetMenu Set
    13. 13. Progressive Enhancements in Quality andSpecificity of Rating Data Specialty Rating Filters Benchmarks Practice Size Filters EHR Ratings
    14. 14. Report: The Correlation of Training Duration with EHRUsability and Satisfaction: Implications for Meaningful Use• Published October 2011• 2,384 of survey respondents had an EHR system and completed the entire survey• 49 different specialties and sub-specialties in this sample• 69% from physicians in practices of 10 or fewer clinicians• All EHR products included in this report had received ONC- ATCB certification as of July 15, 2011• We cannot be certain that each survey respondent submitted responses for the ONC-ATCB certified version of a particular EHR
    15. 15. Key Finding # 1 - Overall satisfaction with an EHR was highlycorrelated with whether the respondent was involved in the EHRselection process.
    16. 16. Key Finding #2 - At least 3–5 days of EHR training was necessaryto achieve the highest level of overall satisfaction.
    17. 17. Key Finding #3 - Nearly half (49.3%) of respondents indicatedthat they received 3 or fewer days of training
    18. 18. Key Finding #4 - Ratings on ease of use for basic EHR functionsrequired for Meaningful Use continued to improve with 2+weeks of training.
    19. 19. Key Finding #5 - Ratings of ease of use for specific MeaningfulUse measures varied significantly
    20. 20. American EHR Content Partners• An opportunity to communicate directly with doctors and other health care professionals who have an interest in health IT• Content partners are not-for-profit or commercial organizations with expertise in healthcare informatics and areas such as standards development that have a mandate to develop neutral educational content to support selection, adoption and use of Electronic Health Records.
    21. 21. Participating Organizations Content Partner In Progress
    22. 22. Content Partners Value Proposition• Successful health IT implementation involves far more than selecting and installing an EHR system.• Content partners have the knowledge and expertise that practices need to be successful.• American EHR Partners offers a vehicle to connect those who are actively seeking knowledge with authoritative knowledge sources.
    23. 23. Content Partner Opportunities• Landing page - through which partners can promote their current and upcoming events or link to content that is relevant• Podcasts - for practicing health care professionals on focused topics• Webinars - providing opportunities to interact with participants
    24. 24. Content Partner Opportunities• Blog authorship – 600-800 word posts. Topics relevant to our audience – case studies highlighting the use of standards to produce better quality EHRs, records, communication, etc. – ask the Expert blog contributions – Partner positions regarding current public policy debates• News items, announcements of partner activities and initiatives• Opportunities to gather feedback from implementers – Unstructured comments and replies to posed questions – Opportunities to add questions to structured surveys
    25. 25. American EHR Content Partners• Cost to participate? – Zero.• Next step? – Become an American EHR Content Partner and start posting content.
    26. 26. Questions