Makalah profesi kependidikan


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Makalah profesi kependidikan

  1. 1. MAKALAH PROFESI KEPENDIDIKAN Created by: Ratih Dea Komalasari K3309066 Chemistry Education Study Program Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Sebelas Maret University 2012
  2. 2. DISCUSSION Organization of education profession has contribution to profesional skill. In education,teacher has to increase his profesional skill. Here is the part of education profession organization,or in Indonesia we called it PGRI. To increase the profesional skill of teacher, PGRI makes someprogram such as workshop, ‘seminar’, and ‘study banding’. Moreover, some teacher are do alesson or practice that given by PGRI to improve the profesional skill. Education profession organization also give contribute to increase the welfare of teacher.For example is sertification program. When minister of education, in Indonesia, suggestsertification program for teachers, PGRI gives the best support to allow the sertification programfor increase the welfare of teachers. Moreover, PGGRI also help teacher who has problem with,for example, Bank. And for teacher ‘honorer’, PGRI waas helped them. When ‘honorer’ teacher dodemonstration, because they are not accept the goverment decision that said if only PNS who canget sertification program. Whereas, they did not. So for help ‘honorer’ teacher, PGRI make aprogram system of ‘prajabatan’ that contain of particles and leader skill, so they have preparationto hold teacher (real teacher) position.Paper of Organization of Education Profession in Reformation and Globalization. Teacher has main job, it is teach andn teach is one of professionanl job and a profession.One characteristic of profession is there are organization that can increase the standart service,personal dicipline in its profession and its member’s welfare. Organization of profession is a place for its professional member to get protection. Ineducation world, organization of teacher profession is a coordination, rationally, activity of anumber of teacher to gain a goal which explisitely, through code ethic and part of job andherarkhi authority and professional responsibility.
  3. 3. Organization of education profession in Indonesia is PGRI. The main goal of PGRI is toincrease the aware, atitude, quality and skill of teacher profession also to increase the welfare ofteacher. According to Mrs. Suryandari, S.Pd, who teach history in SMA N 6, Surakarta. The goalof PGRI is to increase the welfare and skill of its profesional member. Moreover, to protect theright of teacher and help its member if they have problem. Whether it is with goverment or withpeople around them. But PGRI do not help teacher who get problema because they trepass thecode ethic. The role of teacher profession organization, in this case is PGRI, is has responsibility tokeep, to raise and to develop the teacher profession. Keep means that effort so the quality ofeducation service can responsed professionally. Raise means effort or prevent educationprpofession from dirtied good name. Develop means that effort to increase the qualification andquality of professional skill of teacher. In reformation and globalization period, organization of education profession is get bigchalengge because public has hopes to teachers heve skill so able to give optimal service.According to Mrs. Suryandari, S.Pd, the way to handle the chalengge in this period is byincreasing the skill, not only in education but also in iteraction with people aaround them. Toincrease the profesional skill of teacher, PGRI makes some program such as workshop,‘seminar’, and ‘study banding’. Moreover, some teacher are do a lesson or practice that given byPGRI to improve the profesional skill.