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Rwanda: Collaborating with Faculty to Build Student Engagement Abroad


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In 2012, a faculty-staff team from Hamline University led a course in Rwanda. Support from their International and Off Campus Programs later enabled the faculty member to visit a Rwandan university. As a result, in 2016, students from the home institution collaborated with Rwandan students to create a workshop. In Rwanda, U.S. students presented on youth involvement in the 1960s civil rights movement and Rwandan students presented on youth involvement in post-genocide reconciliation. During this session, a faculty, staff, and student team will instruct participants in how to create a collaborative environment that leads to meaningful student engagement, using the Rwanda project as an example. Participants will leave the session with concrete information about successful programs for faculty-staff collaboration and how such programs can build student engagement abroad.

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Rwanda: Collaborating with Faculty to Build Student Engagement Abroad

  1. 1. RWANDA: COLLABORATING WITH FACULTY TO BUILD STUDENT ENGAGEMENT ABROAD M Sheridan Embser-Herbert, Kari Richtsmeier, and Linda Umwali
  2. 2. Introductions 2 M Sheridan Embser-Herbert, Ph.D., J.D. Professor of Sociology and Director, Center for Justice and Law Kari Richstmeier, Ph.D., Director, Global Engagement Center Linda Umwali, CLA ’18, Economics and Finance
  3. 3. Learning Objectives/Goals 3 How to identify potential faculty partners How best to support faculty development Rwanda – A ‘Case Study’
  5. 5. Identifying Potential Faculty Partners 5 Get to know your faculty - connect with new hires right away Campus events - International Education Week - Admission Events Utilize other units’ existing programs - New Faculty Orientation Seminar - First Year Seminar
  7. 7. Supporting Faculty Development and Collaboration 7 Grants – e.g., CIEE and multi-agency grants On-campus events – e.g., international visitors Team site visits - e.g., Senegal Staff colleague program
  9. 9. Rwanda: A ‘Case Study’ 9 “Wouldn’t it be great…?” 2010 – Collaborative opportunity 2011 – Faculty development opportunity 2011 – First Year Seminar 2012 – Hamline to Rwanda 2013 – Hamline to Rwanda, part II – scholarship! 2014 – 20th commemoration – visit to PIASS 2016 – Hamline to Rwanda, redux
  10. 10. Rwanda: A ‘Case Study’ 10  Course planning with independent study students Peer mentor while on the ground
  11. 11. Rwanda: A ‘Case Study’ 11 Protestant Institute of Art and Social Science workshop
  12. 12. Rwanda: A ‘Case Study’ 12
  13. 13. Rwanda: A ‘Case Study’ 13 Student curated, student organized, student executed Hamline to Rwanda: Hope and Healing After the Genocide
  14. 14. Rwanda: A ‘Case Study’ 14 What does the future hold? January 2017 Courses in Cambodia, Cuba, Belize Internships in Shanghai, China Global Service Learning through Education, Thailand May 2017 Courses in The Netherlands and Greece 2018 and beyond?
  15. 15. THANK YOU