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Local Synergies: Cinema, Politics, and Study Abroad


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This session presents part of Serigne Ndiaye and Adams Sie's documentary film, "Fed Up" (2014) and examines how it breaks down barriers between film director and study abroad director, and between local constituencies and students studying abroad. The film illustrates alliances and alignments among citizenry, art, and politics to stand up for change during the 2012 Senegalese elections. Through directed questions after the screening, we'll invite audience members to discuss how this film functions as a way to explore topics of local awareness for students, provide a critical discussion of documentary film, and make the director an integral part of local history.

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Local Synergies: Cinema, Politics, and Study Abroad

  1. 1. CIEE Annual Conference 2014 LOCAL SYNERGIES CINEMA, POLITICS, AND STUDY ABROAD Serigne Ndiaye, CIEE Resident Director Dakar, Senegal Carina Yervasi, Faculty Advisor for Off-Campus Study, Swarthmore College
  2. 2. PRE-SCREENING QUESTIONS What images do you have of Africa? How did those images get formed? From which sources of information? Personal experience, Education, Media, and/or Other. For study abroad advisors, teachers, and administrators: What themes come up most often when advising students about traveling to Africa?
  4. 4. POST-SCREENING QUESTIONS What is your immediate reaction after seeing the film? Let's go back to the original questions about images of Africa...Has this film changed your ideas about Africa? If so, how? If not, why not? How can the images here impact or affect your advising for students studying abroad?
  5. 5. POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION New sources of learning How does this film open up a space of intellectual conversation or dialogue?
  6. 6. POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION Empowerment How might this film empower youth other than those depicted in the film?
  7. 7. POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION Social actors How does this film address the responsibility of educators in host countries?
  8. 8. POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION Alignment How might this film help you reflect on why your campus sends students abroad?
  9. 9. POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION Academics How does this film address standards of academic rigor?
  10. 10. POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION “To be continued…” How can students remain active engaged learners after their return? Whose responsibility is it to make this happen?
  11. 11. POST-SCREENING SYNTHESIS “Y’en a marre / Fed-Up” ask us to consider… --the nature of the relationship between local program and its social partners and its US partners --the authority of the local program --the measure of experience and alignment while abroad --an invitation to be more flexible in understanding knowledge acquisition --that students whom we want to have an impact on the world know how to use those experiences to do so
  12. 12. CIEE Annual Conference 2014 LOCAL SYNERGIES CINEMA, POLITICS, AND STUDY ABROAD THANK YOU! Serigne Ndiaye, CIEE Director Dakar Carina Yervasi, Swarthmore College