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Ei Energi Innovator (HEAT)


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Published in: Technology
  • Global Energy Crisis is coming!
    In this time, HEAT gives you the freedom to manage your energy in the same way as you manage other commodities in your life. Energy Innovator has leveraged some of the best minds in science and engineering to design energy management systems.
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Ei Energi Innovator (HEAT)

  1. 1. Mobile Generator(Including Stand-Alone Power Supply) 2012. 08
  2. 2. We Share the LightBusiness backgroundProviding "stand-alone power supply (including Mobile generators) for people who demandfor electricity, but cannot get a reliable supply of electricity which is efficient and effective.Main targets are consumers who need power supply products of 20W~3KW units.  Low electricity supply in some areas due to a lack of power supply infrastructure  Average electricity supply in some areas but still unstable and not sufficient  Stable electricity supply, but Local emergency power supply is requi red because of frequent natural disaster such as Earthquake, or tsuna mi  Customers who need electricity for outdoor activities “20W ~ 40KW” We also provide low power DC appliances alongside with HEAT series to allow consumers to use compatible and adequate devices in order to promote low energy consumption. By creating this synergy, it will open doors for new business opportunities.
  3. 3. We Share the LightProducts  Stand-alone power system HEAT Series 1. Brand: HEAT is the combination of four words “Home Energy Assistance Technology” - We are providing electricity (light) wherever and whenever need be - The most reliable source of electricity produced by the power of nature and people. 2. Line-up: - Portable Type: 5H, 20H - Movable Type: 200H, 400H - Stationary Type: 1200H, 2400H 3. HS Code: 8511.31-2000(Rent / Electric Lighting / Generator) 『 Stand-alone power system』 Self-generation and self-sufficiency of power consumed as a Power System without external commercial power supply from power plants
  4. 4. We Share the LightProducts Basic Principles(Structure)
  5. 5. We Share the LightProducts Basic Principles(Charging) Generating & Lighting ! 【Various Charging Methods】 Manual Household power Vehicle Solar (Emergency)
  6. 6. We Share the LightProducts Model Line-up & Specification 구분 HEAT-5H HEAT-20H HEAT-200H HEAT-400H HEAT-1200H Hit Product! Feature portable portable Movable movable stationaryBattery Capacity 7W 20W 200W 400W 1200W Running Watt 3W 10W 130W 230W 700W Household electricity, Solar, Manual, household household electricity, household electricity, cars, Charging car Household Electricity electricity, cars, solar cars, solar solar Solar (optional)Approx. Run Time 10 14 36 46 130 (LED Lamp기준) AC Out Put No No AC 110V / AC 220V AC 110V / AC 220V AC 110V / AC 220V DC Charging 9V 12V only 15~80V 15~80V NO Solar Charging NO 50W 5A 50W 5A 100W 10A Dimension 270 * 370 * 170 120*199*50 75*165*220 180*170*300 180*170*300 (L*W*H, mm) (main body) Weight 0.7kg 3kg 12.8kg 13.5kg 3Kg(main body) Lighting / small Light, compact, LED TV, Light, compact, LED TV, Medium and large LED TV, Lighting, charging electronic products Application A small notebook, A small notebook, PC, mobile phone (mosquito femoral small fans Large fans Large fans, mini-fridge stroke, etc.) Options - Solar module Solar module Solar module Solar module
  7. 7. We Share the LightProduct Applications of the Mobile Type(HEAT-5, 20, 200, 400)• Leisure: Camping, Fishing • Commercial: • Hygiene: Outdoor shop Malaria illuminating Prevention(Mosqu ito repellent)• Safety & Security:Protect fromsecondary caraccident
  8. 8. We Share the LightProduct Applications of the Stationary Types(HEAT-1200, 2400) HEAT-1200 HEAT-2400 Battery Capacity 1200W 2400W Solar Panel 100W~200W 100W~200W Charging Type Solar Only Solar & Household Electicity • Remote area, Boat house • Instable power supply area • Mine • Fishing boat
  9. 9. We Share the LightProduct Product applications by battery capacity of HEAT series5W 20W 200W 400W 1,200W 2,400W Portable Movable Stationary
  10. 10. We Share the LightProducts Competitiveness of the product 1. Can be charged even during Rainy day , overcast The worlds first (patent) 2. Big coverage of the batteries, Solar greater coverage compared to other controllers  60-200A, 80~400V 3. Available AC input
  11. 11. We Share the LightMarket Market Segmentation Division 5H 20H 200H 400H 600H 1200H No HomeElectricity (Lighting, phone charging, a small TV) (lighting, Appliances) Supply Area Office (Lighting, and business PC) (Emergency Power) Limited transmissi Home (Emergency Power) onElectricity Instability Office Supply Leisure (Camping, fishing, entertainment) Area Stability (Lighting, emergency power ) Relief Army (Lighting, emergency power ) Special Mine Area (Lighting, emergency power ) Religion (Lighting, relief, souvenirs)
  12. 12. We Share the LightOther suggestions Additional business opportunities 1. Street lighting, safety lighting building - Technologys leading PHILIPS company make CDM 35W AC to DC streetlights (Balast Technology) 2. Battery charging and discharging and regeneration instrument - Battery stand-alone power supply and other battery charging and discharging, regeneration projects through the deployment of Regenerator - Battery Regenerator developed in Germany and South Korea 3. Low-power electronics - TV, refrigerator, pump supplies that uses DC power supply - Stand-alone power supply can be applied - Grade 3 ~ 27W LED lamp has been developed Offer Total Solution about Lighting, security, and safety for regions where there is a great need of electricity