Online Education, Open Courseware: a snapshot (Mar. 2012)


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Considering MITx, Udacity and Coursera in context - a quick snapshot of online education.

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Online Education, Open Courseware: a snapshot (Mar. 2012)

  1. 1. Free/Open Online Education – a snapshotInstitution & No. Launched License Sample University Course materials Notesprogramme courses course credits available availableMIT 2,100 2002 CC-BY- Introductory No Courses available in MIT was the 1st higherOpen NC-SA Biology various formats may education institution toCourseware include some or all of commit to OCW,(OCW) the following: lecture making available course notes, online textbooks, materials for all assignments & solutions, undergraduate & exams & solutions, graduate courses; many multimedia content have followed MIT’s lead, e.g. Yale, NYU, etc. (see OCW Consortium)Yale 35 2007 CC-BY- Frontiers of No Lecture video/audio &Open Yale NC-SA Biomedical transcript, reading list,Courses Engineering lecture notes, review questions (also in iTunes, YouTube)NYU 6 2011 CC-BY- History of No Lecture videos, readingNYU Open NC-SA New York list, links to Study GroupsEducation City: A Social (also in iTunes, YouTube) HistoryMIT 8 2011 CC-BY- Linear No Lecture videos & OCW Scholar wasOCW Scholar NC-SA Algebra summary notes, designed specifically for problem-solving videos, independent learners; Java Demonstrations, these courses are more problem sets & solutions, complete than typical exams & solutions, links OCW courses to Study Groups
  2. 2. MIT 1 2012 CC-BY- 6.002x Yes (MITx All course materials, MITx is a pilot initiative inMITx NC-SA Circuits and credit, not interactive instruction, offering open, online Electronics MIT credit) online labs, online education for MIT credit; (begins communication, 6.002x is the first course March 5th ) assessment of student workStanford 13 2004 CC-BY- iPad and No Audio & video podcasts This was Stanford’s firston iTunes U NC-SA iPhone App foray into online Development education, similar to many other university offerings in iTunes UStanford 3 2011 Copyright Machine Certificate Lecture videos, Hugely successfulOnline Courses – access Learning; (no credit) exercises, mid-term & launch of 3 online(no longer limited to Intro to AI; final exam courses last autumn –available) registered Intro to (automatically scored), however, a new model users only Databases discussion forum for 2012 with Coursera & Udacity (see below)Coursera 16 2012 CC-BY- Human- Certificate Lecture videos, quiz Stanford will continue to(still affiliated NC-SA Computer (no credit) questions, assignments & offer free, online courseswith Stanford) Interaction exam (automatically through Coursera (begins Feb.) scored)Udacity 2 2012 CC-BY- Building a Certificate Lecture videos, Sebastian Thrun has left(independent NC-SA Search (no credit) programming problems, Stanford to launchof Stanford) Engine assignments & exam Udacity; additional (begins Feb. (automatically scored) courses are planned 20th)MOOCs 12 2007 CC-BY- Connectivism Yes/No Connecting distributed MOOCs have beenMassive Open NC-SA & (depends instructors & learners, offered since 2007,Online Courses Connective on the course materials are sometimes with Knowledge MOOC) dispersed across the thousands of people 2012 web; discussion & social taking part media form an essential element
  3. 3. NOTE: Class Central provides a summary of free, online courses from Stanford’s Coursera, MIT’s MITx and Udacity.Online Education - a snapshot (March 2012) by Catherine Cronin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.