Cici's powerpoint 12


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Cici's powerpoint 12

  1. 1. i wouldn’tdoplagiarism wouldyou?
  2. 2. • What is Plagiarism?• Copying someone’s work• Not putting the website you got it from• All of the words are exactly the same as the person who wrote it• There are no parenthesis around the site you used
  3. 3. What is Plagiarismthat is Paraphrased? Putting parenthesis around another person’s work Not citing your source and not putting parenthesis around it
  4. 4.  How do you know when your not Plagiarizing? You have all your sites you got your information from If you copied and pasted something off the internet that someone did you put parenthesis around it You have your sorceress in parenthesis
  5. 5. If you just do your own work youwon’t get in trouble, no phone callhome, detention, or parent teacherconference.
  6. 6. Making an essay for your teacher isreally easy to do. You just have toknow what to do and how to do it.Just make sure your notPlagiarizing, ParaphrasePlagiarizing. Sometimes yourlooking for something to writeabout for your essay then youfind it and put it in your essay.That is called Plagiarism and.
  7. 7. I know it is hard to not doPlagiarism and sometimesyou don’t know when yourdoing it. Some people tryhard to not plagiarize andthey do it on accident anddidn’t mean to do it. If yourone of those people thenyou should just put someof the things you got offthe internet in parenthesisand you will be OK. 
  8. 8. If you know what plagiarism meansand you don’t do it then great but, ifyou know what plagiarism is and youdon’t care if you do it because youthink it is cool and funny to get a goodgrade and star saying things like “I havea stupid teacher and she just gave me agood grade for a project I didn’tdo, she is so stupid”. Your teacher isnot stupid she may type in some wordson your essay and find all the wordsyou copied and pasted.
  9. 9. If you don’t do yourwork like yoursupposed to thenyou will look likethis smiley face:confused, don’tknow how to dosomething, and notvery smart.
  10. 10. I would never ever plagiarizesomething in my life, if I dothen I will make sure to putthe name and website I gotit from in parenthesis to letpeople know that I amgiving credit to this person.
  11. 11. DON’TDO IT!