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Project 9 en

  1. 1. NAME of the PROGRAM/PROJECT ,,Man restores the green place”(Omul REinverzeste locul!) RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION Save the Danube and the Delta Association PARTNERS Ecopolis Ministry of National Education SHORT DESCRIPTION: Among the objectives of the project there are: the development of an environment- friendly behaviour among children, selective collecting and the stimulation of local communities in achieving environmental and advocacy activities, and to promote Intercommunity Development Association in the field of waste management in local communities, by their involvement in projects designed to win. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project ,,Man restores the green place”(Omul REinverzeste locul!)is a contest through which we invited local communities to actively get involved in environmental projects, developed at national level. In the period 11 June-31 October, there were supported 20 activities of sanitation and arranging of a green space , important for the community which, for various reasons, was degraded and was waiting for a second chance. Those who have managed to convince through determination and organization plans won and have received the necessary material for project implementation, worth 1,000 euros. The registration of the projects could be done through an application on the Facebook page The RE Concept and through a mobile application. If the project raised more likes, the initiator would receive logistical support from ASDD. We managed to arrange picnic areas, the gardens of kindergartens, highschools, schools and hospitals, provincial town. The beneficiaries of the results are: tourists, over 4,000 students, parents and teachers, patients of hospitals and city dwellers. The results of the campaign ,,Man restores the green place”(Omul REinverzeste locul!): 56 projects were registered on the Facebook page The RE Platform Concept – the platform of social responsibility of Coca-Cola HBC Romania, and 1350 volunteers participated in the 20 winning actions. There Have been gathered over 700 bags of waste in 10 cities in Romania, there have been planted 2,000 trees, there have been sanitized 4 parks, 2 Natura 2000 sites and 10 schools and kindergartens are more
  2. 2. friendly with children. The problem that ,,Man restores the green place”(Omul REinverzeste locul!)project wants to solve is that of green spaces, completely missing in the cities of Romania. Besides this issue, we intervene in the spaces which are already green but were damaged, by sanitation and rearranging. WEBSITE CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION Str. Constantin Sandu-Aldea, nr. 22 Sector 1, Bucharest 012063 Tel.: +40 21 319 49 31 Fax: +40 31 827 02 30