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Project 6 en

  1. 1. NAME of the PROGRAM/PROJECT ECO ZIR- LEARN, PLAY, RECYCLE RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION SC ZOPPAS INDUSTRIES ROMANIA SRL PARTNERS ALUCRO-Bucharest ASOCIATIA ZOPPAS PER BAMBINI-Sannicolau Mare SODEXO ROMANIA TOTAL RECYCLING SRL -Timisoara SANGO WATER Co. S.A – Sannicolau Mare SHORT DESCRIPTION: The OBJECTIVES of the PROJECT • Awareness, educating and empowering our employers and their children on the separate collecting of waste in general, the doses of aluminum in particular and their recycling; • The promotion of waste recycling; • Provide resting areas for employers; • Arranging playgrounds in kindergartens; PROJECT DESCRIPTION Social responsibility of our company includes the correct and ethical behavior towards employers, the environment, the community in which we live and all our collaborators. Starting from this message, it has developed a complex project that took place in several stages, combining activities related to environmental protection and social responsibility. Both the young and the old have received information about recycling, why is good to have a selective collecting and what each of us can do to protect the environment so that we have all the comfort and security in the area we are activating and the community we are living in . The information received was transposed and practically
  2. 2. experienced. Stage I -within the week " a different school", we decided to show the children what recycling means, where plastic materials end , if they are collected separately, how does it turn and what they can become. The action took place at the recycling factory Total Recycling Timisoara ,with the participation of 38 children aged 6-14 years old, accompanied by seven volunteers from Zoppas Per Bambini association, the transport being provided by SANGO WATER co.- Sannicolau Mare Stage II -"ECO in kindergarten" we came to support the extended Kindergarten nr. 1 in sannicolau mare by placing in the yard a playground, 3 swings, 1 carousel for 6 persons, 1 playtable with benches, 1 wooden box and a framed sand pit. we added a bit of color by panting and reconditioning the existing things, we arranged the green zone by planting flowers and trees, all of them with the support of 20 adult volunteers from Zoppas Industries Romania, Zoppas Per Bambinii association, SODEXO and their children. Stage III-"ECO ZIR" we created together with 40 children aged 4-14 years , a few decorative items made of recyclable materials for Easter holidays, and with the help of those 70 volunteers adults of our firm and the cleaning company SODEXO, we arranged 6 resting areas for employers , equipped with benches, tables and jardinières made from unusable pallets. After the creative workshops, children and adults together have planted flowers in the jardinières made from unused wooden boxes. this way we couldd teach them how we can save a part of unused materials, make them useful and bring them to life. Stage IV -"EVERY CAN COUNTS". Under the motto "Show that you care!", "Support recycling!", in partnership with ALUCRO-Bucharest, our company joined the program "Every Can Counts". We placed in different places in the company, 65 collecting cans, 50 posters and we shared to the employers 2,500 flyers explaining them the meaning of this action. Thus we are expanding the social responsibility initiatives for environmental protection, by implementing the international program of recycling the aluminum doses. WEBSITE CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION DRUMUL CENADULUI NR 24, CITY: SANNICOLAU MARE EMAIL: TELEFON: 0256303800