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Project 5 en

  1. 1. NAME of the PROGRAM/PROJECT “To plant for the planet " RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION MaiMultVerde Association PARTNERS (if available) The Yves Rocher Foundation Yves Rocher Romania Forest Administration Romsilva Comana/ SHORT DESCRIPTION: Through the project" To Plant for The Planet ", Yves Rocher, via the Yves Rocher Foundation, has made a commitment to plant 50 million trees by the end of the year 2015, supporting associations specialized in reforestation worldwide. Of these, 100,000 will be planted in southern Romania, in collaboration with the Association MaiMultVerde and Forestry Comana , in the Natural Park Comana (Giurgiu County). The purpose of this project of afforestation is to sustain artificial oak regeneration (by planting saplings) in Comana Natural Park and to improve the quality of air and soil in the area, as well as the restoration of the green belt around Bucharest. In the past, the oak was the predominant species, but in recent decades, it has been increasingly rarer. The forest administration Romsilva Comana, has aimed to reintroduce the oak in the local ecosystem by planting actions, and MaiMultVerde and Yves Rocher Mark joined this approach through the campaign” To Plant for The Planet ". Oak is a majestic tree, being in the recent past, the main species, of great importance for the forest ecosystems in the southern part of the country, a species which provide stability and soil moisture where growing, contributing to the development of the biodiversity, and, once mature, absorbs a large amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, contributing to the improvement of air quality. The first 7,000 oak saplings were planted by the 150 volunteers MaiMultVerde, Yves Rocher brand representatives and journalists in a planting activity organized in November 16, 2013, in the Natural Park Comana. Planting continued throughout the month of November with another 21,000 saplings of oak and poplar, actions carried out by Forestry Comana, partner of the project, and the Park's Administration.
  2. 2. Planting actions within the campaign "To Plant for The Planet" in Romania will continue in the fall and spring 2014- 2015, there are going to be planted 100,000 saplings of oak, ash, wild cherry and Poplar on a total area of 26 ha. Within the project "To Plant for The Planet" by Yves Rocher at international level, have so far been planted over 30 million trees in more than 20 countries on five continents. This project is part of an International campaign of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The TARGET GROUP of the PROJECT This project aims to restore biodiversity and improve the quality of air and soil in the area of the Natural Park Comana (Giurgiu County) in Bucharest. These will be a benefit for both residents (adjacent Natural Park Comana area), and inhabitants of Bucharest and tourists who visit the area in a fairly large numbers annually. The NEED and the CONTEXT that GAVE RISE to the DEVELOPMENT of the PROJECT Comana Natural Park is a protected area of national interest (24.963 ha), a special area of conservation with the regime of protection for species of flora and fauna, being declared a Ramsar Sit. The predominant species in the area was in the past, the oak, but in the past decades, it has been replaced by less valuable species (improve the quality of air and soil absorption of C02). The Administration of the Park and the forest administration tries to reintroduce the oak, to restore biodiversity and try to restore the green belt around Bucharest. Cvercinee in general and oak in particular contributes to maintain a high degree of biodiversity of forest ecosystems in the South of the country. Here comes the special importance of reintroduction (through planting or seeding) of oak groves in the region. It Ensures the stability and soil moisture where growing , contributes to biodiversity and absorbs a large amount of CO2 WEBSITE (if available) CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION Str. Logofăt Luca Stroici nr. 57, et. 1, ap. 3, sector 2, București, cod poştal: 020584 Tel. : + 40 31 824 10 20 Fax: + 40 31 824 10 21