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Project 3 en

  1. 1. NAME of the PROGRAM/PROJECT “Vacaresti Lake Natural Park" RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION Save the Danube and the Delta Association PARTNERS Kogayon Association Helmut Ignat (Konica Minolta) Environment Coalition SHORT DESCRIPTION: On the abandoned construction of Vacaresti hole, it has recently developed a natural ecosystem unexpectedly rich. The 190-acre stretch of canals, lakes in miniature, with specific wetland vegetation. More than 90 species of birds (Eagles, pheasants, wild ducks-out of which numerous protected by international conventions), mammals, fishes, amphibians have made shelter in "Delta" Vacaresti. The main roles of the natural park are education, research, tourism, recreation and conservation. It could become a tourist attraction, a place of recreation and a space for coexistence in harmony between wild creatures and the local community. In an article published in National Geographic Romania (may 2012), based on a documentary for over a year, it was given the consistency of the idea to "officialize" what already existed, namely the transformation of the "Delta" in a Natural Park, with huge benefits for the community in environmental plans: educational, tourism, conservation and research. The proposal enjoyed appreciation and support right away, from the media to the Environment Ministry. In parallel, activities have been started preparing the establishment of the monitoring and administrative steps required by law. The first step (and the most important the fact that proves the consistency of our proposal) was credited with success: after a thorough study of the documentation and visiting the area, Nature Monuments Commission of the Romanian Academy Assoc iation gave a favorable scientific opinion. Save the Danube and the Delta Association, which owns the Group's initiative assistance has conducted visits with the press and bloggers and open lessons with students learning in the schools nearby Vacaresti Delta". It was made a Facebook page for the
  2. 2. information and awareness of target audience: V%C4%83c%C4%83re%C8%99ti/539076059491083 and an online petition for its establishment, natural urban park: V%C4%83c%C4%83re%C8%99ti/539076059491083?id=539076059491083&sk=app_3 92661300860142 The online environment in which the area was promoted , like sites, share, interest increases every day. One aim of the project is to inform about the area, because not very many people have knowledge of Vacaresti. The next step to declare the area as a natural urban park, is the Mayor of district 4 agreement. There have been a lot of meetings with the Mayor , but also with other local administration authorities to describe the status of a natural park. WEBSITE CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION Save the Danube and the Delta Association Str. Constantin Sandu-Aldea, nr. 22 Sector 1,Bucureşti 012063, Tel.: +40 21 319 49 31, Fax: +40 31 827 02 30