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Project 10 en

  1. 1. NAME of the PROGRAM/PROJECT WE CAN RECYCLE AND HELP TOO RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTION SC SUPERBON SRL PARTNERS SC CELESTICA ROMANIA SRL ALUCRO Association SHORT DESCRIPTION: The general objective of the project is the selective collecting of aluminum from the location Celestica Romania for recycling. Reducing the negative impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste deposited in landfills or incinerated. Awareness among employers of CELESTICA Romania of their responsibility in environmental protection by CONSERVATION of NATURAL RESOURCES. Volunteer spirit awakening within CELESTICA Romania and not only. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Project " WE CAN RECYCLE and help too”, has been implemented in CELESTICA Romania , headquartered in Bors, no. 88, Bihor by Superbon along with ALUCRO support. As a result , the 1200 employers were presented the new project of the selective collecting by making available to them promotional materials and selective collecting cans EVERY CAN COUNTS. Starting with July, selective collecting started in EVERY CAN COUNTS’ boxes, so dosages have never reached the plastic waste or even worse, household garbage. Since the beginning of the campaign in October there were collected about 1000 kg doses that have been raised and transported to Superbon to be packed for sale. The amounts obtained from the sale of doses will be donated to charity. At the moment our company is involved in a similar charitable project which consists in raising the caps of Pets. Each of us must realize that, if you do not act in the direction of separate collecting of waste which are generated every day and thrown together in bins or rubbish containers, this will very soon be reflected not only in the high level of pollution affecting human health and the environment, but also the price you have to pay for the new products of the same material, the public health service, etc. When our company took over the contract of management the waste within CELESTICA Romania , glass, plastics and cans were collected together though, every type of waste had its own trash bin. The other part of doses often ended in household garbage. As a result, there were many times when a person in charge of the waste was supposed to select waste once more , this implying additional costs.
  2. 2. With the implementing of the campaign EVERY CAN COUNTS, which consisted both in information and the placing of labeled boxes for collecting doses, the employers of Celestica Romania became aware of the need of selective collecting . WEBSITE CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION