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Newsletter Ro Nov 08 Turkey


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Newsletter Ro Nov 08 Turkey

  1. 1. Is There Anyone Hearing Me?! Newsletter November 2008 „TUDOR ARGHEZI” HIGH SCHOOL, CRAIOVA, ROMANIA Volume 1, Issue 1 LTTA Is There Anyone Hearing Me?! Summary “Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!” is a solving method to environmental multilateral partnership school project, education, we will have achieved the approved and financed by the European aim of this partnership. Commission within LLP, the Comenius Moreover,partners will see each subsectoral programme, and brings others’ countries,people,cultures and Contents together six European schools from eleminate their bias towards one “Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!” Turkey, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, another and brotherhood will be Spain, and Greece. established among partners. Of Summary 1 course, we are six partners and each Objectives of the Project 2 The variety of schools involved in the of us has different life Partner Schools 2 project reflects the diversity within the styles,economical and educational Website 2 European Union. advantages and so the lower ones will Program Activity 3 It is a clear fact that there is nowhere to take examples from the upper Kirikkale meeting 4 live but Earth and the careless human ones.The last but not the least beings have severely depleted the world important area of our concern with of its natural resources. We,the partners, this partnership is that each country know this fact. Earth calls for our help, has a chance to see their partners’ and our partnership will give an answer educational curriculum,and if there to this call. Thanks to this partnership, are differences and plus points,they Events we can reach a lot of people from can use them in their syllabuses . different cultures, from different countries ♦ First project Shortly, our partnership sets up meeting at Ismail and raise their awareness of bridges among different cultures and Üstüner environmental problems. And by using shows the world that we are similar Ilköğretim education and applying the problem and we all need to do something for Okulu,Kirikkale, our world. Tukey ♦ Project blog
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4 Newsletter Is There Anyone Hearing Me?! Objectives of the Project 1.We regret to say that our world has 4.The next objective is to promote the become a rubbish dump. World needs most efficient measures that can be taken our help! It is calling us .Through this in order to protect the environment, the project we want to answer back to this reduction of pollution levels both at the wake up call and to let the people know local level and at the international level. about it. In short, we want to make These measures will lead to the people pay attention to us. This waking maintainance of the best quality of life and up will begin with us, then spread to as the fostering of health. many people as we can reach. 5.Moreover, thanks to this Project, we can (From class to world) get to know other cultures and others can 2.The second aim of our Project is to learn about ours. We can discover “the raise people’s awareness of the team spirit” and show how different existence of severe environmental cultures work together for their future. In problems and, by getting involved in the short, we want to be an example for other project activities, to let young generation nations. struggle for their world and their future. 6.Promoting the study of the English That is,we will have shown that we language is another objective. The cannot be silent to environmental cooperation between the students and the contamination, pollution and depletion. teachers involved in the project will lead to 3.The third aim is to ensure access to the improvement of both the productive Tudor Arghezi High information on the protection of the and receptive skills; School environment and thus the students will 7.Another aim is to foster learning through be more concerned and preoccupied cooperation and to improve knowledge Str. Bucovina , No.5 with this burning issue. concerning the computer skills and the 200026 Craiova, Dolj, ability to use the internet. Romania Tel. 0040 251/ 433227 Partner Schools Fax 0040 251/ 433227 website: 1. Ismail Üstüner Ilköğretim Okulu – KIRIKKALE , TURCIA email: 2. Ies Fonts del Glorieta – Alcover, SPANIA 3. Szkoła Podstawowa Starym Kurowie – Stare Kurowo , POLONIA 4. Liceul Teoretic „Tudor Arghezi” – Craiova, ROMÂNIA 5. Joan Ekzarh Language School -Vratsa –BULGARIA 6. 6th Primary School of Volos -Volos -GRECIA WEBSITE Information about our project and about the advancement of our work can be seen on the website of our project. We will also publish a Newsletter after each important event such as a project meeting or the completion of an end product.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 4 Newsletter Is There Anyone Hearing Me?! Program activity Approx. Activity/mobility description Destination Which partners starting date country (for involved mobility only) 13th S Turkey, Spain, Poland, september 2008 Announcement of the project in schools’ Romania, Bulgaria, boards. Greek 15th Applying “Pre-test” in schools in order to Turkey, Spain, Poland, September 2008 make the initial evaluation Romania, Bulgaria, Greece 25th Turkey Turkey, Spain, Poland, October/2008 Reconstruction of school environment. Romania, Bulgaria, (Planting) Greece 30th Turkey, Spain, Poland, January 2009 Planning competitions of drawing up Romania, Bulgaria, posters about pollution, rubbish, ecology Greece etc. 15th Spain Turkey, Spain, Poland, March 2009 Visits to industrial areas and transformation Romania, Bulgaria, systems Greece 10th April Evaluation of the first term of the project Turkey, Spain, Poland, 2009 and presentation of the activities with a Romania, Bulgaria, video film and a web page. Greece 30th Turkey, Spain, Poland, April 2009 Having the pupils draw pictures and Romania, Bulgaria, organizing brain storming activities on the Greece things they can do for their environment. 10th June Visiting Bulgaria ( a visit to a natural park). Bulgaria Turkey, Spain, Poland, 2009 Organizing an exhibition displaying the Romania, Bulgaria, works of the students involved in the Greece project. 30th Having the competition of picking up Turkey, Spain, Poland, August 2009 rubbish in nature. Romania, Bulgaria, ( Benefiting from a scout camp ) Greece 15th Turkey, Spain, Poland, September 2009 Having students prepare a project about Romania, Bulgaria, transformation Greece 15th Romania Turkey, Spain, Poland, October 2009 Competition of magazines with the subject Romania, Bulgaria, “Save the Future of Earth” Greece 15th Turkey, Spain, Poland, January 2010 Presenting seminars on environmental Romania, Bulgaria, problems, health issues and the future of Greece the world to pupils and their parents. 15th February Staging up events on protection of the 2010 environment and each of the country Turkey, Spain, Poland, present their materials. Romania, Bulgaria, Greece 19th Applying Post-test Greece Turkey, Spain, Poland, April 2010 Have students write or draw what they Romania, Bulgaria, should do about environmental problems. Greece 31st Presentation of the Website and the final Poland Turkey, Spain, Poland, May 2010 video film. Romania, Bulgaria, Evaluation of the results obtained, of the Greece impact, of the quality of the products and of the partnership.
  4. 4. Page 4 of 4 Website Newsletter Is There Anyone Hearing Me?! Ismail Üstüner Ilköğretim Okulu, Kirikkale, Tukey Kirikkale Meeting Turkey Our first project meeting took place between T Turkey 26th and 31st October 2008 at Ismail Ustuner Ilkogretim Okulu, Kirikkale, Turkey. It was a great opportunity to meet peers from S Spain all six partner schools, share ideas, plan our future work in detail, visit our Turkish partner school and learn about their local culture. P Poland Our partners welcomed us warmly and offered us a wonderful staying there. We met the Turkish pupils, talked together, Romania sang together, attended some classes in order t to get to know about their educational system. INCLUDEPICTURE " Greece INCLUDEPICTURE " Bulgaria