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Lst and vet in latvia-pdf


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Lst and vet in latvia-pdf

  1. 1. 35-42 million forvocationaleducation
  2. 2. Liepaja growth -increase of production potential.
  3. 3. Vocational Shool of Liepaja Branch of Riga Technical University Liepaja State Liepaja Technical Liepaja Tourism School Buildingand Textile Vocational School School
  4. 4. Ventspils iela 51 Vānes iela 4 K. Ukstiņa iela 17/23
  5. 5. Department of construction and technology• Face-work technician;• Bricklayer;• Carpenter;• Technician in applied computer systems;• Technician in mechatronic systems;• Car mechanics;• Electrician.
  6. 6. Department of commerce and services:• Hospitality service specialist;• Catering service specialist;• Cook;• Pastry-cook;• Sewing specialist;• Tailor;• Dressmaker;• Paraprofessional in: – Finances; – Logistics; – Commercial services; – Commercial in transport; – Commercial in advertising;• Accountant
  7. 7. 55• 5
  8. 8. That’s thereason Idon’t havesuch abelly...
  9. 9. Students and teachers• Total number of groups – 56 groups;• Number of students – 1393;• Number of teachers – 115.
  10. 10. Liepaja State Technical School Ventspils Street 51, LV-3415 Liepaja, Latvia
  11. 11. Latvian Educational System• Pre-school eduaction• 9-year basic education• Secondary education• Higher education
  12. 12. Organigram of the institutions involved in vocational education
  13. 13. Vocational Education in LatviaTitle Duration Requirements DocumentsVocational basic 3 years Without Certificate of Certificate of Vocationaleducation General Basic Basic Education andprogrammes Education, 7 grades, professional at least 15 years old qualification level 1Vocational 2-3 years Basic education, at Certificate of Vocationaleducation least 15 years old Education andprogrammes professional qualification level 2Vocational 4 years Completed Diploma of Vocationalsecondary compulsory basic Secondary Educationeducational education and professionalprogrammes qualification level 3Post-secondary General secondary Mastering purelynon-tertiary programmes professional skills andvocational knowledgeeducationprogrammes
  14. 14. Bodies responsible for providing guidance and counselling services• The Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) – The State Education Development Agency (SEDA)• Ministry of Welfare (MoW) – The State Employment Agency
  15. 15. Guidance System in LatviaType of guidance Activities/ Clients/Target groups Responsibility andservice Guidance provided by administrative controlCareer education Special lessons, project Pupils of general and School management, week activities, field trips vocational schools forms 1- municipal school boards, provided by form room 12 local governments tutorsCareer services Information about studies, Students and alumni of Senate and executive career counselling, job higher education management of higher application and related establishments education establishments skills training, career information, job vacancies provided by student service offices at colleges and universitiesGuidance and Psychological help, Unemployed persons, State Employmentcounselling in the vocational guidance, persons at risk of Agencylabour market legal advice, promotion unemployment and job of job application skills seekers from age 15 to provided by the Career 65 Services Department of the State Employment Agency
  16. 16. Associations and Resource CentresName Description Brief Description of Contact details, Activities including websiteLatvian Career Association The LCDSA is a NGO Email:Development Support established with the objective of (LCDSA) supporting the development of a Website: career guidance system capable of stimulating the national economy and citizens’ welfare.Euroguidance Latvia Resource centre Collects and disseminates Email: information on Education in Website: Latvia and study abroad for Latvian students as well as on guidance European trends and methods in guidance for Latvian guidance practitionersState Employment Resource centre Development of guidance tools Email: nva@nva.lvAgency Career Services and methodsDepartment