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Grundtvig Course

  1. 1. TITLE OF THE TRAINING ACTIVITYIN THE LANGUAGE OF TUITIONEnglish:Create, managing and updating the blogspots for European learners(teachers,parents, adults)TYPE OF TRAINING ACTIVITYTRAINING AIMED AT PARTICIPANTS RECEIVINGA GRUNDTVIG GRANT (ADULT EDUCATION)TYPE AND ORIGIN OF THE TRAINING: COURSE -training resulting from an llp Grundtvig Project “No more tears” no. GRU-10-P- LP-25-DJ-TRTHEMATIC FIELD OF THE TRAININGGENERAL IN-SERVICE TRAININGICT - Information and communication technologiesPedagogy and didacticsLANGUAGES USED FOR THE TRAINING:MAIN LANGUAGE: EnglishOTHER LANGUAGE/S USED DURING THE TRAINING: ItalianLANGUAGE VERSION(S) IN WHICH MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED: EnglishEDUCATION SECTOR OF THE TRAINING PARTICIPANTS: Adult education provider Adult education for disabled persons Second chance or remedial education Higher education institution offering outreach courses for adults Organisations working with migrant groups/ethnic minorities General secondary Vocational/Technical secondary Other sectors of adult educationTARGET AUDIENCE: Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs) Teacher trainers Careers officers, educational guides and counselors Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organization Members of students/teachers councils in adult education Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education 1
  2. 2. FULL DESCRIPTION OF TRAINING CONTENTSIN THE LANGUAGE OF THE TRAINING: (EN) Preparation : Each participant will construct a presentation regarding the institution in which they arecurrently working, their city, region and country they live in. They will present the reasons fortaking part in the course about the utilisation of the computer, personal reflections concerning theusage of blogs and movies for education. The course is taught in English, and the participantsmust be at least level A2. They will complete the pre-enrollment formulary and they will studythe given bibliography, as provided by the organisers. The participants will create a gmailaccount each. They will also provide a CD containing at least 50 photos depicting the activitythat they want to promote. Objectives: Developing IT competencies and the creation of multimedia products. Developing professional competencies of using 2.0 web instruments, for adults. Learning how to use Movie Maker for creating a video. Developing team work. Learning how to create and moderate an update for their blogs. Learning how to use Google Docs and Slide Share as instruments for promoting variousactivities. Developing skills useful for sharing documents, presentations and PDF’s Information about EU funding opportunities and projects Opportunities to meet and share practices with learners from other European countries Methodology: Participants will provide their own digital photo camera and laptop. Creating instruments useful for education: movies and blogs. Sharing documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDF’s. Participants will receive support concerning the course, in both physical and digital form. Follow-up: Questionnare for evaluatimg the course, filled in by the participants, on the last day. The movies and blogs will be published on the Internet. Contact will be maintained with the participants, via e-mail and Facebook. Participants will be encouraged to create group projects, in order to disseminate their acquired knowledge. 2
  3. 3. PROGRAMME OF THE TRAINING ACTIVITIES (DAY BY DAY)IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE TRAINING:Day 1: Arrival; accommodationDay 2Blogs. Using blogs within organisation activities.Creating a personal blog.Writing and deleting posts within a blog.Writing and deleting pages within a blog.Displaying the pages within a blog.Practical activities.Cultural program.Day 3Formatting a text, inserting images and links within a blog. Practical activityPicking a template and a wallpaper for the blogModifying the width and aspect of a blogAdvanced formatting elementsExporting/Importing a blogCultural programCreating a photo and trimming sequences from a video, for use in creating a later video.Day 4AnimotoSoundAudacityMovie MakerCreating a storyboard, editing clips and adding soundsAdding titles, transition effects and video effectsFirst movie created with Movie MakerCultural programDay 5Discussion groups on Facebook and Yahoo GroupsSlideShare. Sharing presentations, documents and PDF’sGoogle DOCS. Using the Document, Presentation, and Spreadsheet items.Sharing documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDF’s, using GOOGLE DOCS.Sharing clips and presentations, using YouTube. YouTube DownloaderCultural program 3
  4. 4. Day 6Presenting the clips created by participants.Presenting blogsFeedbackLifelong Learning Programmer (LLP) OpportunitiesHanding out participation certificatesCultural programDay 7: DepartureTYPE OF CERTIFICATION OF ATTENDANCE AWARDEDIN THE LANGUAGE OF THE TRAINING:Certificate of attendance including description of training content and inputENGLISH:Certificate of attendance including description of training content and input 4