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Givet newsletter n. sapte-en


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Givet newsletter n. sapte-en

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER NUMBER SEVEN JUNE 2014 ABOUT THE PROJECT This project will be an opportunity to guide students to identify their capabilities and skills and will help the organizations establish a guidance methodology. Most of the students who are on the edge of selecting their ways for their future education are unsure and indecisive about which occupation to choose and which school offers the best options. Sometimes, the Vocational Guidance they receive is inadequate; therefore, they don't know which career opportunities they have in front of them. Any wrong decision that they could take could affect their Life Long Learning Process negatively. To avoid such situations, this project aims to develop a methodology to guide students through a wide range of opportunities for their further Vocational and/or Educational Training. 1. PROJECT MOBILITIES  Visit of Liepaja city council  Visit of VECC Liepaja State technical school  Visit of Kuldiga Technical School  Latvian culture 2. PROJECT RESULTS AND ACTIVITIES This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
  2. 2. 1- PROJECT MOBILITIES EIGHT MOBILITY Liepaja (LATVIA) Eight and last visit of project were organized in Liepāja, Latvia from 8th till 11th of June. During this session participants had opportunity to get know two municipalities Liepāja and Kuldīga. Main objective of meeting was to work on final report, cope with uncertainties and making conclusions about project, by comparing settled goals with achieved results. Visit of Liepaja city council In first day was organized visit of city council. There were two meeting held. One with Mr. Gunārs Ansiņš, Deputy Chairman of the Liepāja City Council: gave presentation about Liepaja economic development and further city development plans. In discussion also were included questions about education role in new sector development. Second meeting was held with Ms. Ilze Cēbere, Project manager of the Educational department of Liepaja: presentations of the activities and opportunities in career guidance in Liepaja. State organized guarantee events for youth and Project NEET (not in employment, education or training) what are initiated from EU side and organized by State Employment agency. Examples were given of good practice in the promotion of career choices in Liepaja.
  3. 3. Visit of VECC Liepaja State technical school Visit of Liepaja State technical school practical training workshops. Guests were visiting carpenter, mechatronic, electric and woodworker organized informative workshops, meetings and discussions were organized with learners and educational staff. Visit of Kuldiga Technical School  Meeting with director of school Dace Cine. Presentation about VECC Kuldigas Technical School, introduction in programs that are in realization. Good practice examples in career development- Craftsman school, cooperation with other regional professional schools.  Visiting practical workshops of auto mechanic, woodworker and electrician specialty students. Meetings and discussions with leading teachers.
  4. 4. Latvian culture During visit participants had opportunity to get familiar with Latvian National culture. There were excursions organized in city and region. Host institution arranged possibility to taste tradition foods, meeting in folk center „Namīns”. There was possibility to experience tradition song and dance performances organized by folk group „Atštaukas” and dance performance by VECC Liepaja State technical school folk dance group „Odziņa”. 2.PROJECT RESULTS AND ACTIVITIES NEWSLETTERS informs about Project activities after each meeting of participants. E-BOOKLET is virtual booklet were collected each countries best good practice examples in career choice development. VIDEOS OF CRAFT. Each country has developed a video material about one of professions. MOODLE PLATFORM IN PARTNERS LANGUAGE containing all materials produced during the project life. FACEBOOK GROUP was created to promote Project results and better inform about activities not only participants of Project but also young people that may be interested in this topic. Group is opened and available to everyone. BLOG is virtual environment were all Project materials are collected.
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