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FILE 4K at the Cinegrid 2008.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 10. The future of the image and the image of the future
  2. 14. Mackenzie Photonics Laboratory Background The Mackenzie Photonics Group (GFM) was created in 2003 to attend a very high student demand for the optical communications area in the graduate program in Electrical Engineering at Mackenzie University. Physical Layer proposal:  To build a 10 GHz femtosecond modelocked erbium fiber laser to be tested as a single source in the spectrally sliced WDM Kyatera network.  WebLab:  To implement remote photonic experiments integrated to a virtual environment of teach-learning, destined to support and to complement the activities of courses in class and in the distance. Initially, to implement experimental courses in Optical Communications developing interfaces for measurements of optical fiber properties remotely. Support: Kyatera FAPESP project Coordinator : Prof. Eunézio A. de Souza (Thoroh)
  3. 15. Mackenzie Photonics Laboratory
  4. 16. Thanks to CRCA (Sheldon, Todd, Helena, Mike and Peter), SONY, Nori Suzuki (Zaxel)