Rd ee b zaragozza 2010 (pp 2003)


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Rd ee b zaragozza 2010 (pp 2003)

  1. 1. European Council of civil Engineers Standing Committee «Knowledge and Technology» Energy efficient BuildingsResearch and Innovation at European level 1.Existing Projects 2.Recent Calls for Proposals Zaragoza meeting 12-13 November 2010 Georges Pilot. CNISF
  2. 2. Needs for Energy efficient BuildingsFields for Energy efficient Buildings:- Improvement of thermal capacity for existing buildings- Construction of zero emission buildings- Construction of positive energy buildings>> Important needs for development and innovation in the Construction sector (Design, refurbishment, construction)Research and Development really necessary :1. European Projects in progress °2. Recent R&D European Calls for Proposals° Information from ECCREDI and ECTP lists ECCE. Zaragoza 2009. EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  3. 3. 1. R&D European Projects in Progress ECCE. Zaragoza 2010. EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  4. 4. “Energy-efficient-Building” Initiative (1)• BEEM-UP – Building Energy Efficiency for Massive market Uptake• E-Hub - Energy-Hub for residential and commercial districts and transport• ENERGY WARDEN – Design and Real Time Energy Sourcing Decisions in Buildings• ENRIMA – Energy Efficiency and Risk Management in Public Buildings• FC-DISTRICT - New u-CHP network technologies for energy efficient and sustainable district• HESMOS – ICT Platform for Holistic Energy Efficiency Simulation and Lifecycle Management of Public Use Facilities• ICT 4 E2B FORUM – European stakeholders’ forum crossing value and innovation chains to explore needs, challenges and opportunities in further research and integration of ICT systems for Energy -e-B• NANOFOAM – New NANO-technology based high performance insulation FOAM system for energy efficiency in buildings ECCE. Zaragoza.2010 EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  5. 5. “Energy-efficient-Building” Initiative (2)• NANOPCM – New advanced insulation phase change materials• PEBBLE – Positive Energy Buildings thru better control decisions• SEEMPUBS – Smart Energy Efficient Middleware for Public Spaces• SmartCoDe - SmartCoDe to Develop Local Energy Management Infrastructure• SPORTE2 - Intelligent Management System to integrate and control energy generation, consumption and exchange for European Sport and Recreation Buildings• TIBUCON – Self powered wireless sensor network for HVAC system energy improvement: towards integral building connectivity ECCE. Zaragoza 2010. EeB R&D Georges Pilot
  6. 6. FP7 New Projects Environment Programme• LoRe-LCA - Low Resource consumption buildings and constructions by use of LCA in design and decision making• SUSREF – Sustainable Refurbishment of Building Façades and External walls. FP7 New Projects Energy Programme• PIMEs - CONCERTO communities towards optimal thermal and electrical efficiency of buildings and districts, based on microgrids• SOLUTION – CONCERTO - To demonstrate the feasibility of the concept Energy self sufficiency for buildings through concrete undertakings ECCE. Zaragoza.2010 EeB R&D Georges Pilot
  7. 7. FP7 New Projects ICT Programme (1)• AIM – A novel architecture for modelling, virtualising and managing the energy consumption of household appliances• BeyWatch – ICT for energy efficient homes and neighbourhoods. Building energy watcher• DEHEMS – Digital Environment Home Energy Management System• eDIANA – Embedded Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings• EnPROVE – Energy consumption prediction with building usage measurements for software-based decision support• FIEMSER – Friendly Intelligent Energy Management System for Existing Residential Buildings ECCE. Zaragoza.2010 EeB R&D Georges Pilot
  8. 8. FP7 New Project ICT Programme (2)• GREENERBUILDINGS – An ubiquitos embedded systems framework for energy-aware buildings using activity and context knowledge• IntUBE – Intelligent Use of Buildings Energy Information• REEB – The European strategic research Roadmap to ICT enabled Energy efficiency in Buildings and Constructions ECCE. Zaragoza.2010 EeB R&D Georges Pilot
  9. 9. FP7 New Projects NMP Programme• BUILDING UP – Multi-stakeholders, Cross-sectorial, Collaborative long term Research & Innovation Road Map to overcome Technological and Non-technological barriers towards more energy-efficient buildings & districts• MESSIB – Multisource Energy Storage System Integrated in Buildings ECCE.Zaragoza 2010.EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  10. 10. New Projects Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP)- 1• BEST Energy: Built Environment Sustainability and Technology in Energy• E3SOHO – ICT services for Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing• eSESH – Saving energy in social housing with ICT• HOSPILOT – Intelligent Energy Efficiency Control in Hospitals• ECO2Building (cost and energy efficient solution for commercial buildings)• INSULATFH – Enhanced insulation in timber-frame housing using recycled materials• BewareE – Energy Services: Reducing the energy consumption of residents by behavioural changes• BUILD UP – Second Buildings Platform to support the implementation of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EBPD) ECCE. Zaragoza 2010.EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  11. 11. New Projects Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP)- 2• CENSE – Leading the CEN standards on energy performance of buildings to practice. Towards effective support of the EPBD implementation and acceleration in the EU Member States• CEP – Certified Training for Passive house Design• ClearSupport – Paving Way for Better Energy Building Performance in EU Developed Regions• CYBER Display – Communicate Your Buildings Energy Rating – Display• EDUCA RUE – Energy Efficiency paths in educational buildings• EIHnet – Energy Intelligent Housing Network• EnSLiC Building – Energy Saving through promotion of Life Cycle Assessment in Buildings• EPI-CREM – Energy Performance Integration in Corporate Public Real Estate management• GreenBuildingPlus – Leveraging the GreenBuilding Programme (GBP) to promote energy-efficiency and renewables in non- residential building areas Zaragoza.2010 EeB R&D. ECCE. Georges Pilot
  12. 12. New Projects Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) -3• INTEND - Integrated Energy design in public buildings• New4Old – New Energy for old buildings: promoting the integration of RES & RUE measures in historic buildings.• NorthPass - Promotion of the Passive House Concept to the NorthEuropean Building Market• POWER HOUSE EUROPE – The big green housing and energy exchange• SQUARE – System for Quality Assurance when Retrofitting Existing• SEPEMO - Build (Seasonal Performance Factor and Monitoring for Heat Pump Systems in the Building Sector• ThermCo – Thermal comfort in buildings with low-energy cooling. ECCE. Zragoza 2010. EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  13. 13. 2. 2010 European R&D Calls for Proposals . Energy-efficient-Buildings Initiative . FP7. Cooperation Programme : Energy ECCE. Zaragoza 2010.EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  14. 14. 7th Framework Programme. « Energy-efficient-Buildings » Initiative: July 2010 Calls>> EeB. Thème 3. Information and Communication Technologies Budget: 20 M€ - ICT for energy-efficient buildings and spaces of public use>> EeB .Theme 4. Nanosciences /technologies, Materials, new Production Budget: 40 M€ - Materials for new energy building components with reduced embeded energy - New efficient solutions for energy generation, storage and and use related to space heating and domestic hot water in existing buildings. - Energy saving technologies for buildings envelope retrofitting - Geoclusters approach to support European energy-efficient goals ECCE. Zaragoza2010 .EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  15. 15. 7th Framework Programme. « Energy-efficient-Buildings » Initiative : July 2010 Calls>> EeB. Thème 5. Energy Budget: 20 M€ - Demonstration of very low energy new buildings>>EeB. Thème 6. Environment Budget: 5,5 M€ - Technologies for ensuring, monitoring, and/or controlling a high quality indoor environment, particularly in relation to energy efficient buildings - Operational guidance for Life Cycle Assessment studies of the Energy efficient Buildings . ECCE. Zaragoza 2010. Eeb R&D. Georges Pilot
  16. 16. 7th Framework Programme Cooperation Programme,Theme 5 Energy July 2010 Calls for Proposals>> Activity energy 2 : renewable electricity generation Budget: 52 M€ – Photovoltaïcs. Development and demonstration of standardized buiding components>> Activity energy 4 : renewable for heating and cooling Budget: 20 M€ 4.1 low/medium temperature solar thermal energy - Materials for thermal storage systems - Advanced compact storage systems>> Activity energy 8 : energy efficiency and savings 8.1 Energy efficiency use in the manufacturing industry and building sector - Energy efficiency demonstration in manufacturing industry - Energy efficiency in low-carbon industrial parks ECCE. Zaragoza 2010 EeB R&D. Georges Pilot
  17. 17. Conclusions1. There are more and more European research projects in progress in the field of Energy-efficient-Building. Web site information is available in order to get up-dated knowledge.2. EeB is now the major EC Research topic in our field of Civil Engineering : important Calls for Proposals are offered to research institutes, firms and other interested bodies Good luck! ECCE. Zaragoza 2010 EeB R&D. Georges Pilot