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  1. 2. TRY AGAIN It is very big. It has got four legs, a long tail and very big ears. It is grey. What animal is it?
  2. 3. Great! It’s an elephant!
  3. 4. TRY AGAIN It is tall. It has got a very long neck and long legs. It has got spots. What animal is it?
  4. 5. Great! It’s a giraffe!
  5. 6. TRY AGAIN It is long and green. It has got a small head. It hasn’t got legs. What animal is it?
  6. 7. Great! It’s a snake!
  7. 8. TRY AGAIN It is strong. It has got four legs. It has got long hair and a long tail. It is called “the king of the jungle”. What animal is it?
  8. 9. Great! It’s a lion!
  9. 10. TRY AGAIN They have got long legs and long ears. They have got black and white stripes. What are those?
  10. 11. Great! They’re zebras!
  11. 12. TRY AGAIN It is small. It has got a long tail. It is brown. It can climb trees. What animal is it?
  12. 13. Great! It’s a monkey!
  13. 14. TRY AGAIN It is green. It has got a long tail. It has got big teeth. What animal is it?
  14. 15. Great! It’s a crocodile!