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Garantii vision of the future bank: Customer Centricity

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  • Garanti Bank, with 64 years of established history, is Turkey's second largest private bank having a total asset size of US$ 80 billion. Garanti continues to increase its market share in all business lines by relying on the proven strategy of efficient, profitable and sustainable growth it has pursued since inception. Its competent and dynamic human resource capable of making a difference, its customer-centric approach, its innovative products and services offered without compromising on quality carry Garanti to a pioneering and leading position in the Turkish banking sector. As of ye2011, we serve to a customer base of 10,7 million through 918 domestic branches and 17,000 employees. This year we made 1.7 B net income and became the number one bank in profit generation.
  • Our successful, solid and consistent performance makes us a "universal bank" well recognized around the globe.Having a presence in all business lines including Retail, payment systems, corporate, commercial, SME, Garanti operates as an integrated financial services company with its 8 subsidiaries offering service in pension, leasing, factoring, brokerage and asset management.We have 9.3 million retail customers including private, upscale and mass. With 5.5 million credit cards, we have the strongest credit card program called Bonus Card in Turkey. Our acquiring business is also very strong with the 246K merchants.We bank with the biggest holding companies and multinational firms in our corporate business line. Those bigger companies are served at 4 dedicated branches.With annual sales over 10 M, commercial firms the number of which is 36 thousand are one of the most valuable customers and are served by relationship management approach.And SME customers are the biggest segment in business banking in terms of number. Our tailored proposition is adapted programmes and product bundles differentiating with the sectors they are operating.
  • We serve our customers through a strong and extensive distribution network comprising 918 branches, more than 3,000 ATMs, an award-winning Call Center, and mobile and online banking facilities built on cutting-edge technological infrastructure. Supporting our branch network with centralized operation management, superior data warehousing, management reporting systems and effective alternative delivery channels, we enhance our operational efficiency and profitability and maintain our leadership in the market.Our internet branch is recognized as Turkey’sBestInternet Bank. There are 2M Active Internet Banking Customers,400Kdaily Log-ins and 13M Transactions/month.15 million transactions are done by 4 million unique customers through our ATMs in a month. In order to leverage this capacity, we enhanced our ATMs with different functions and features. We are the first Bank that launched ‘Cardless Transactions’ in ATMs. Whether a Garanti customer or not, everyone can make money transfers through our ATMs 24 hours a day without having to go to a branch or without a need for an account or a card. Moreover, we have installed coin dispenser to our ATMs to acquire utility payments and remittances.Our Call Center receives 4.8M Calls/month. We are very active in product sales initiated during inbound calls. This year we sold 2.4 mn simple banking Products (like credit card, debit card, insurance, utility payments etc.)Mobile is the new world, we have lots of studies in mobile banking. We are the 1st bank in the World to Allow Money Transfer Via SMS. (Cepbank) With an SMS from your mobile phone, you can send money to anyone you want, whether a Garanti customer or not. The person to whom you send money, easily withdraws it from Garanti ATMs, without having to wait in line at the branch.
  • It was a quite a change journey for Garanti that the first steps made in 1992, with the introduction of the ‘customer centricity’ concept.In order to understand how brave it was, we should look at the market in conditions in Turkey 20 year ago.
  • As changes happening all around the world and Turkey, Garanti started its change journey in 1992. With 3500 employees Garanti Bank was the 9th bank in Total Assets serving mainly corporate customers. When the change shift started, Turkish banking industry were serving with 67 Banks of 6400 branches and and there was a high rate of yearly inflation. And most of the banks were government banks and main products gathered around deposit and loans.It was just money management. And world and Turkey were just embracing Internet and subsequently Internet Banking. Once Internet has started to enter everyone’s life during 1980s all around the world, internet banking took off around mid-1990s in the world. And Garanti Bank has taken its place to follow the world competition in this arena to become Turkey’s most technologically advanced and well-known Internet bank. Rather than being seen only as a money maneger, Garanti wanted to be a leader and facilitate customers life.
  • When companies talk about change they usually have a desired result in mind: improvement in performance, better approach to customers, solution to  formidable challanges. But, to make these changes and achieve the desired results, it requires specific elements such as team of people, budget and a visionary leader.Only a visionary leader can start planting the change seeds in peoples' minds and these changes can only be spread by a team of people who are trusted and be supported by a strong budget.In 1992, Garanti had all these 3 elements. Our ex-CEO Akin Öngör, created a big change for Garanti which brought us from money management institution to financial services to meet customer needs and set our vision to customer satisfaction.To achieve the desired vision, change team was etablished. New job descriptions were written and cultural change programme was developed. New IT infrastructure was developed, BI and knowledge management systems were built. Moreover sophisticated CRM implementations were initiated where many other companies saw these changes as unusual and unnecessary. But Garanti foreseed the future and made the investment on the 3 elements aforementioned and started the successful change journey
  • We started with business process reengineering in 1992, and designed LOBs around main segments of which are retail, conrporate and commercial. We introduced bank wide customer, single customer view concept. In 1998 with the help of new technologies we implemented CRM solutions and alternative delivery channels, enhanced relationship model in branch network and provide a better service to upscale customers. Early 2000, we centralized all of our operations to improve operational efficiency and release frontline time for customer service. In 2004, we made a sales effectiveness project, and designed cutting edge tools and solutions utilizing CRM outputs for sales teams. When we come to the 2008, mobility was the hot trend and we invested in new technolgies to improve our accessibility to customers.Today, we see a completely different era; all values are changed, so do the business lines. The world is so much connected, integrated, seamless, interactive and instant. Non-bank approaches are the winning ones, so our big challenge is how we can leverage a financial information of our customers’ network.Turkey is the 6th largest global online market in Europe. 23 MM (+15) internet users spend 32 hours surfing in the net in a month. We are the 3rd most engaged audience in Europe and only 4% of online users do not have a social media account. In such a country with a young and increasingly tech savvy population, there is a great opportunity for financial institutions to capitalize on information economy. The digitization of money allowed us to access a wealth of information about our customers financial patterns, that will shape the next gen banking. In Garanti Bank, we have been working on an initiative to leverage information about individuals and about their network. I beleive we are in an era that banks are information brokers not just because of their unique position in customers financial network, but also because of the digitization of financial flows.
  • Customer centricty is a living and evolving process. We still learn everyday from our customers and employees. But nowadays when we say customer centricity, we more talk about customer engagement. We try to create our centric approach around two way of communication: customers to Garanti and Garanti to customers (inside out and outside in) We listen to more than  10k customers every year, learn from these customers and adjust our actions accordingly. Of course, social media and digital world play more of an active role for this approach. When customers talk about us, we would like our brand to create a positive image in their mind. So from day to day transactions to more complex issues, we try to be with them nxt to them.
  • It means three words for us;Speak with customers, design for customers and available to customers. Everyone of us has our own world with friends, families, work, needs, wealth, worries and love. So as a financial institution we aim to integrate in our customers world and translate what we understand into concepts for them, and be ready whereever they need us.
  • This applies to our working methodology as well. We start with getting customer insight, then we convert those insights into products, services, processes or new business models. Then we deploy those solutions across channels. we have a very methodological approach for every customer centric move. We continuously follow our customers and listen to them, understand their needs, see the gaps and turn these actionable items into opportunities. And as we do this, we whole to create a holistic and seamless experience for our customers. Once the strategic frames are determined, then these are aplied to all channels, necessary processes and to our service models. And most importantly we train our employees on all changes to make the experience more seamless for our customers.
  • We put many efforts to listen to our customers through each channel. We observe the behavior of our customers and also survey them using various methods. We speak with 10,000 customers a year. Brand, Image and Advertising Researches:In order to understand customer’s perception for our brand, we conduct brand image surveys regularly. We track the performance of our ads with competition every week since 2005 along with pre-tests and post tests. We also conduct surveys to measure the effectiveness of our sponsorships and social responsibility projects.Customer Needs and Trends Research:Werun annual trends research to get a comprehensive view of major trends, needs, behaviors and attitudes to explore unmet needs as opportunity areas.Customer Experience and Exit Surveys: We conduct various customer experience surveys to measure the satisfaction of our customers from our products, services and the Bank. Also to provide ourselves a more holistic approach, we conduct exit surveys to understand why customers leave us so that we can have an insight for the root causes of our mistakes which are to be rectified for good.Mirror Analysis; To understand gaps between what the sales staff thinks customers want and what the customers actually wantWe also give importance to our employees’ participation into designs. Through our ‘You Propose’ (Önersen) Program, we gather suggestions from our employees for a better customer management. More than 1000 idea per year.Once we understand our customers, we also look at their actual behaviors to be able to complement with their voices, thus to create our predictive models. We always start modeling with segmentation. As Garanti Bank, we apply sophisticated segmentation models since 1995 for different purposes. We do not see segmentation as a robust tool, but rather we see it as a dynamic customer understanding which enables us to develop a comprehensive marketing approach. We always look at our customers from three angles: needs, values and behavior. With the help of this multidimensional approach, we organized our LOBs, differentiated services, and designed sales and marketing programs around these segments. We analyze savings and debt patterns and also relations of our customers with other customers, families and other companies.
  • Customer Journey concept was one of the solutions we developed after having a deep customer understanding. In 2007, we redesigned our branches to deliver a branded customer experience to our customers. In those days, customers were looking for a retail experience in all of their shopping activities. We defined the moments of truth in their journey and designed elements accordingly......
  • A typical customer flow in our branches............
  • We named this new concept ‘Living Green’; more responsive, more talkative, more human, not pushy with product messages but welcoming and transperant.Tools deployed
  • Being customer centric needs perfect match between what your customers need and what you think they need. The core value proposition of Garanti is banking with customers in an easy and convenient way. Easy and convenient banking addresses thre customer mandates:-seamless experience accross channelsEasy access to cashSimple and fast transactions
  • We are very much aware of the fact that our customers are not interested in any of our channels. Even the terminology ‘channel’ is far ahead of customers’ real life. In order not to create any confusion, we integrated all of our channels and increased the proximity....We avoid having barriers between our channels, so we designed our processes in way to create a seamless service environment within the Bank. We let our customers start their transaction in one channel and end in another without feeling any difficulties and breaks. For example, he can apply for a loan through ATMs, get approval message through SMS, sign his paper in Branch and make installment payments through internet branch. Customers can do all types of transactions through our alternative channels together with product inquiries and purchases. We offer investment products, deposits, credit cards, insurance, utility payments and even general purpose loan in those channels to our customers. We also do proactive offering to our customers based on their propensity or session behavior as they sign-in.
  • You can withdraw the money sent to you with a “Money transfer without Bank Account” transaction from any Garanti Paramatik by entering your T.C. Identity Card number, date of birth, the mobile phone number of the person that has sent you the money and the amount information
  • Artık, banka müşterisi olmanıza gerek kalmadan alışveriş yaptıkça bonus kazanabileceğiniz bir ön ödemeli kartınız var!Cep-T Paracard'ınız ile üzerine yüklediğiniz para kadar alışveriş yapabilir, üstelik alışveriş yaptıkça bonus kazanırsınız.Cep-T Paracard'ınızı satın aldığınız andan itibaren alışveriş yaptıkça Turkcell'den bedava konuşma dakikaları kazanmaya başlarsınız. Garanti Bankası ve Turkcell'in ortak markalı kartı olan Cep-T Paracard ile cep telefonunuz üzerinden finansal işlemler yapmanızı sağlayan Cep-T Para hizmetinden faydalanır ve kolayca finansal işlemlerinizi gerçekleştirirsiniz.
  • Are we 100% customer centric? Of course not.We are learning each and every day. We see being customer centric as an evolving, living process. What do you need to keep you always awake
  • For an effective customer management, we believe cultural alignment is the most important principle. To provide a Bank-wide awareness, we define KPIs for each and every level in our organization. We regularly monitor and measure our performanceCustomer Centricity Index- for the branches. This index measures the experience of customers at branches by looking at waiting times, transaction times, customer complaints and mystery shopping results.
  • Garanti has been a customer centric organization for many years by now. Ownership of customer is the first principle at our bank. We align resources of our bank around customer satisfaction. Customer Centicity requires alignment of employee, organization’s structure, processes, technology , products and services to customers. Garanti Constitution with 10 principles are the main handbook of our employee. These customer satisfaction principles are obligations to delight our customers. The first law of our constution is “customer is the most important reason of our existence”. Therefore customers’ needs and wants are our main motivations. We are happy when our customers are happy.
  • Garanti has been a customer centric organization for many years by now. Ownership of customer is the first principle at our bank. We align resources of our bank around customer satisfaction. Customer Centicity requires alignment of employee, organization’s structure, processes, technology , products and services to customers. Garanti Constitution with 10 principles are the main handbook of our employee. These customer satisfaction principles are obligations to delight our customers. The first law of our constution is “customer is the most important reason of our existence”. Therefore customers’ needs and wants are our main motivations. We are happy when our customers are happy.
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  • Customer Centricity by Garantii

    1. 1. Customer CentricityHülya TürkmenCRM & Marketing DepartmentFeb 14, 2012
    2. 2. Garanti at a Glance Garanti: Pre-eminent Banking Franchise Total Assets US$ 80 B Integrated financial services company Employer Shareholders Strong and extensive distribution network Number Equity 17 K US$ 10 B Technologically advanced, innovative and dynamic Customer-centric growth model w/ key Customer Number Net Income focus on profitability and asset quality US$ 1.7 B 10.7 mio Ownership structure: Branch Network  51%: owned by Doğuş Group and 918 BBVA  49%: in the free float 2
    3. 3. A Universal Bank Payment Retail Corporate Commercial SME Systems  ~ 5.5 mn  ~ 1.7k  9.3 mn  ~ 36.6k  ~ 1.3 mn credit cards customers customers customers customers  246k POS  Major Turkish& Multinational  3,268 ATMs operations Subsidiaries 3
    4. 4.  ~2 mn Internet Bank Active Customers  918 Branches  ~400 k Log-ins Daily  Presence in 78 Cities  ~13 mn Transactions/mo  98% Geographic  Recognized As Turkey’s Coverage Best Internet Bank Branch Internet Money Transfer Via SMS --1st internet bank access via mobile in TR w/o application Mobile ATM downloads or activations  3,268 ATMs Call Center  ~15 mn Transactions/mo  Cardless Transactions  Coin Dispenser  >4.8 mn Calls/mo  Cash recycling ATMs  2011 Sales 2.4 mn Products  CTI & Workforce Management  World’s 1st to receive 4 “EFQM Award”
    5. 5. Garanti’s Brand Personality
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. Market Conditions Turkey in 1992  67 Banks in Turkey with 6.400 branches  Dominance of government banks Garanti in 1992  Inflation Rate: 70%  170 Garanti branches  Majority of the banking profit generated by treasury operations  3.500 employees  Basic banking products: deposit and loan  9th bank at Total Assets  Internet network just arrived at Turkey  Serve mainly to corporates World in 1992  ATMs replaced traditional branches. ATM to branch office ratio rose by 110% in the world  Internet banking has become more prevalent during mid-90s in Europe and US 7
    8. 8. From Money Management... Garanti Change Management Innovations on  Establishment of  Sophisticated CRM  Business Models change team capability  Customer Relationship  Streamlined and  Business intelligence  Investment Client redefined job  Knowledge Services descriptions management  IT processes  Workout sessions  State of the art IT  Resources  Cultural change infrastructure  Organization programme  Continuous  Team management tecnological innovation 8 Financial Services to meet customer needs
    9. 9. Change Journey • Commercial Segmentation • Retail Service • Social CRM • Cash Service Model • Connected, ne Branches tworked • Commercial • SES customer Banking • Segmentation ecosystems, • Acik • EVA • User defined • Central Foreign • IT and Central contents Trade Ops Operations • Augmented • Retail • Retail • Segmentation Unification reality Banking Segmentation • Credit Culture • SME • Affluent • Branch • Investment Banking Redesign Centers • Abacus • Code of Sales • BPR • Mergers • ADC • CRM • Corporate Banking • Reshaping Branch • Regional Network Ops Center Mobility Sales Operational effectiveness • Cardless transactions efficiency and • Coin dispensers New effectiveness • Sales management • Pocketbank Infrastructural technologies tools • Blackberry Bank-wide development • Electronic workflow • Financial Analysis applications customer concept • Development tool • Datamining Report • Data capturing and • Network design & selection • MR-single version of • Java based internet recognition impl. • MS Exchange & NT truth and call center • Customer system • MS Windows impl. impl. • Customer profitability application • POS • Paralled Sysplex • Advanced queue mgmt. • CRM & propensity • Campaign • IVR • Central database • Datawarehouse impl. modeliing management • Cheques image • Fax integration • Budget system recognition • Image processing &recognition 9
    10. 10. What is Customer Centricity at Garanti?10
    11. 11. Speak with Design for Customers Be accessible to11
    12. 12. Customer Centric Thinking Products Services Customer World Processes New Business Models Get Turn into Deploy Across Customer Solutions Channels Insight 12
    13. 13. Get Customer Insight Brand, Image and Advertising Researches Employee Insight • Brand Image • ‘You propose’ Program • Ad tracking, ad pretest • Innovation Jam Customer Needs and Trend Researches • Attitudes and Behaviour Data Insight • Needs Exploration • Trends • Segmentation Customer Experience Surveys Outside • Propensity Modelling • Satisfaction Surveys • Activity Monitoring • Exit Surveys • Savings and Debt Patterns • Net Promoter Study Inside • Mystery Shopping Surveys • Relations Mirror Analysis Customer Feedbacks • Customer Hot Line • Social Media13
    14. 14. We don’t believe in Customer We belive in HUMAN14
    15. 15. Customer experience and flow in the branchCustomer Flow in Branch 15
    16. 16. New Branch Concept: Living Green We don’t believe in Customer We belive in HUMAN 16
    17. 17. Easy and Convenient Banking Seamless Experience Accross Channels Easy Access to Cash Simple and Fast Transactions17
    18. 18. Easy and Convenient Banking Branch Seamless customer ATM Mobile experience accross channels Kiosk Internet Call Center 18
    19. 19. Easy and Convenient Banking Easy Access to Cash  Money withdrawal without bank account 19
    20. 20. Easy and Convenient Banking  Money transfer through SMS  To anyone  In facebook Simple and Fast  Pre-paid card in your mobile phone Transaction  Simple banking transactions through SIM card  Pay pass; NFC enabled technology  Quick and easy payment 20
    21. 21. Customers LOVE to Design Did You Choose Your Profile? How would you like your Flexi? 21
    22. 22. This evolving process needs…22
    23. 23. A KPI to monitor yourself... Customer Centricity Index is an essential KPI in performance measurement in Garanti Designed Determine scorecard to which Measured evaluate the process quarterly customer needed to experience be improved -1 Score +1 Waiting Time Transaction Quality and Speed Call Handling Quality Metrics of CCI ATM Service Continuity Customer Complaints Customer Information Quality Mystery Shopping + 23 -7 +7 CCI
    24. 24. ...and a Holy Book as a reference «Customer is the most important reason for our existence» 24
    25. 25. 25
    26. 26. New Way of Banking in Hyperconnected Social World Help Customers To Become Financially Better-off Words Emotions Conversations Transactions Places Networks Provide Relevant Information 26