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Thinking outside the Square(s), Irish Architectural Foundation


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Thought from Ciaran Cuffe and Gavin Daly about the future of Dublin's Georgian Core

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Thinking outside the Square(s), Irish Architectural Foundation

  1. 1. Thinking outside the SquaresCiarán Cuffe Gavin Daly
  2. 2. Georgian City
  3. 3. The ProblemOuter cities and inner cityUncertainty, vacancy, transiencePoor definitions of public realm in Irish LawWrong experts control outside spaceOver-regulation, patchy enforcementDominance of vehicles and trafficGreen spaces lack diversity and public input
  4. 4. Crystal Ball anyone?
  5. 5. Public place means any street, road or other place towhich the public have access with vehicles whether asof right or by permission and whether subject to orfree of charge Road Traffic Act, 1961
  6. 6. Public Realm StrategyDublin City Council
  7. 7. Container City, Tower Hamlets London
  8. 8. SFX Pioneer Club of Dublin, Mountjoy Square
  9. 9. Guardian HouseLeipzig, Germany
  10. 10. Time for a walk
  11. 11. Now what?Define the public realmRe-think who is in chargeCo-ordinate Local Authority leadershipMore public space less trafficMore green stuff, less parkingLand-banking, temporary usesHelp out homesteaders