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Improve Customer Engagement With An Intelligent Application Strategy


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Presentation by Bruno Guicardi at the CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit in Philadelphia on May 21, 2013.

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Improve Customer Engagement With An Intelligent Application Strategy

  2. 2. The World in 2020:an exercise...
  3. 3. The world in 20201) How will technology affect the business?a› The pervasive natureof technology will reduceits ability to be a truedifferentiator.b› Technology willbe central tocustomerengagement,businessdifferentiation, andagility.
  4. 4. The world in 20202) How will companies architect and deploytheir business solutions?a› Enterprise IT will stilldesign, manage, andown their applicationsand infrastructure.b› external as- a-serviceproviders deliver thebulks of apps , with ITplaying the role oforchestrator
  5. 5. The world in 20203) How much influence will technology have oncustomers?a› Not much.Technology savvyusers will flipthrough serviceswith no specialloyaltyb› Customers willstill value richexperiences withbrands and stickwith the mostconvenient andmeaningful
  6. 6. Back to the present...
  7. 7. the onlyconstant isYour customer is aPeak experiences create everexpectations
  8. 8. The Doctor Is In(Well, Logged In)
  9. 9. Where we are todaySourcingstrategyCustomerExperienceERPSystemsConsolidationBiz AlignmentVirtualizationServicescatalogDigital SecurityAgileInfrastructureIntegrationSOA PortfolioMgmtCOBITServiceDeskBIIntranet
  10. 10. "The perpetually connected user:The expectation that any desired informationor service is available, on any appropriatedevice, in context, at a person’s moment ofneed."-- Forrester
  11. 11. Customer-facing AppsTransaction-based / Backend AppsHow different?- Uncertainty!- Scale!- Stability- Predictability
  12. 12. Traditional approachescant keep up with therace pace...... of ever changing technologyand customer behavior.
  13. 13. An intelligent app strategy...
  14. 14. One user journey: several touch points
  15. 15. Several touch points: several outcomes
  16. 16. Another user journey: different touch points
  17. 17. An intelligent app strategy should:... and find the patterns that doexist!Listencontinuously toyour customers.Learnabout their behavior,sentiment, history,localization, wishesand contextTalkto their needs andexpectations andengage!Onlythen...
  18. 18. Correlations:- demographics- successfuljourney steps- bounce steps- outliers
  19. 19. patterns: opportunities to maximize customerengagement (happiness and conversion)
  20. 20. What happened?DescriptiveAnalyticsWhy did it happen?DiagnosticAnalyticsWhat will happen?PredictiveAnalyticsHow can we make it happen?PrescriptiveAnalytics
  21. 21. WebMobileRepsTabletsSocialMediaCRME-DetailingAnalyticsPrescription ActionsPredictionsInsightsTalk Learn Listen
  22. 22. What boils down...- Your increasingly demanding customer is amoving target- IT can perform a key role helping thebusiness gain insight in this complexscenario- Stop playing catch up and leapfrog tofuture now!
  23. 23. How can we help?>>> 10+ years working on Apps forCustomer Engagement for Fortune 50companies>>> 500+ web properties (desktop andmobile) developed and maintained>>> 350+ people constantly working inengagements worldwide
  24. 24. Thank you!!!!Bruno