Five things to consider before developing mobile apps


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Acting before answering the following questions can lead to sleek, shiny apps that ultimately enjoy a very short shelf life.

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Five things to consider before developing mobile apps

  1. 1. Five things to !consider before !developing a !(good) mobile app.!  Paulo Camara!Mobile Services Manager, Ci&T!October 2011!
  2. 2. Mobile has solidified itselfas one of todays most vitalmarketing channels.!
  3. 3. Growth in the mobile market has beenfollowed by a growth in the number ofcompanies looking to develop mobile apps.!
  4. 4. Acting before answeringthe following questions canlead to sleek, shiny appsthat ultimately enjoy a veryshort shelf life.!
  5. 5. Identify the business need that !the application will serve!!We all download apps that we’ve heard about, but after a fewinteractions, we find there’s no real use for it and simply forgetabout it… or worse, delete it.!!Determine what need the app will fulfill – for you, your employees,your customers - and develop the app with that in mind.!
  6. 6. Determine the !methods used by !the development !team!!The methodology used for development is almost asimportant as the concept behind the app itself.!!The most successful mobile projects are those that employa combination of agile methodologies and lean principles inthe development process.!!Agile is an iterative process that enables companies tobuild and deliver apps quickly.!!Lean focuses on delivering value by eliminating waste,helping to determine which features are essential andwhich can be saved for future versions.!
  7. 7. Determine if yourinfrastructure can handlesuccess!!Can it handle success? Isn’t that what we want?!!Yes, but…Success can lead to performance andbandwidth issues that bring servers crashing down. And asa result, users quickly lose interest in the app.!!The cloud has emerged as a real and viable solution,allowing companies and development teams to focus onbringing value to the user.!
  8. 8. Make sure yourteam understandsmore than justdevelopment!!While you may have the technicalproficiency to develop an app, it iscritical that developers align withmarketing to ensure the end useractually downloads it.!!Most mobile projects demandcreativity, digital marketing expertiseand a thorough understanding ofuser experience – on top ofdevelopment skills.!
  9. 9. Figure out what usersreally want - and give itto them!!Determine which features will engage usersand inspire them to make recommendations totheir friends. !!Get customer feedback and learn how itimpacts the delivery of future versions. Deliverit quickly, so they do not forget about the appand its potential benefits to them.!
  10. 10. Thank you!! Paulo Camara! Paulo is responsible for Mobile Services at Ci&T, a global IT outsourcing company considered a symbol of innovation by the IAOP/Fortune Magazine. With over 15 years experience in software development, Paulo worked for financial and telecommunication companies before joining Ci&T in 2002.! !!!!
  11. 11. About Ci&T
!Ci&T employs agile methodologies and Lean principles to deliver application outsourcing,software product engineering and digital marketing services from development centers inBrazil, Argentina and China. A strong commitment to innovation has put Ci&T on theforefront of discovering new ways to deliver value and eliminate waste to help clientsreduce costs and improve quality, speed and business agility. !!Established in 1995, Ci&T has more than one thousand employees, and serves companiesof all sizes from its global headquarters in Campinas, Brazil, with additional offices inPhiladelphia, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York City, London, Shanghai and Tokyo. Some ofCi&T’s customer around the world are Citibank, Coca-Cola, Dow Jones, Johnson &Johnson, MetLife, Panasonic, Rhodia, Saint-Gobain and Yahoo!.!!For more information:!!!!!!!