Enterprise Mobility Insights for 2013


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Clearly mobile will still be a strong trend in 2013.
Mobility strategies should be consolidated in B2C and B2B markets.
According to Gartner, mobility will continue as a top ten technology trend until 2015.
Of course this topic is very broad, so here are our expectations of where mobile will advance in 2013.

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Enterprise Mobility Insights for 2013

  1. 1. EnterpriseMobility Insights for 2013  
  2. 2. Mobile will still be a strong trend in 2013.Mobility strategies should be consolidated "   in B2C and B2B markets. According to Gartner, mobility will continue as a top ten technology trend until 2015.  Of course this topic is very broad, so hereare our expectations of where mobile will advance in 2013.
  3. 3. Tablets onlyThe large-scale growth in tabletadoption, already indicates thegradual replacement of thenotebook by the mobile device.""This movement serves toincentivize IT departments to notonly develop the basic tools formobile, but most of its currentbusiness applications as well.""
  4. 4. Strategic Mobile, without strategy Companies are still learning about mobility and many do not have a firm strategy, but rather, are just making tactical moves as needed. In 2013, companies must formalize a mobility strategy." " According to Gartner, companies will invest in centers of excellence in Mobile, focused on learning about the subject. The goal is to adapt their practices to best integrate mobility across all business strategies."
  5. 5. Partners who understandthe business The mobile technology is only a small part of a more complex equation. In 2013, companies will start looking for partners who are able to solve the whole equation, with a holistic view of their business.  
  6. 6. Growth in the adoption ofMDM and MAM solutionsThe adoption ofsmartphones and tablets,coupled withconsumerization, will leadcompanies to invest insolutions to manage thesemobile devices and themobile apps that live onthem."
  7. 7. HTML5continuesto riseDespite the market alreadyidentifying the development inHTML5 and hybrid platforms asgood alternatives, the devcommunity warns that thetechnology is not yet fullymature, requiring, in somecases, increased customization."
  8. 8. Mobile paymentshould advanceUsing the smartphone as amonetary instrument is almosttaking off.""There are several successfulexperiments using m-paymentin physical retail locations.""Recent reports show that in2013 mobile payment will gaincritical mass to becomemainstream in a few moreyears."
  9. 9. Windows 8The new version of Microsofts operatingsystem came to advance in the corporatemarket (B2B/B2E) and gained ground inB2C, especially in tablets.""For businesses, the promise is thedesired portability between devices,reducing the cost - and complexity - todevelop and maintain mobile applications.""For the end consumer, the dispute - ratherthan provide competitive devices, - willrequire that Microsoft create a completeecosystem of developers, applicationsand services."
  10. 10. Thank You! :) Paulo Camara! Paulo Camara is Executive Manager for Mobile Services at Ci&T." " proberto@ciandt.com" http://twitter.com/proberto98" http://www.linkedin.com/in/proberto"
  11. 11. About Ci&T "Ci&T provides value-driven, Nearshoreweb and mobile application services andsoftware product engineering. Thecompany’s high-performance teamsemploy agile methodologies and Lean www.ciandt.com"principles to deliver innovative, value- facebook.com/ciandt" twitter.com/ciandt"generating projects for companies of all slideshare.com/ciandt"sizes, by leveraging the latest mobile,cloud and web technologies. A trulyglobal company established in 1995,Ci&T is headquartered in Campinas,Brazil, with strategic locations acrossLatin America, North America, Europeand the Asia-Pacific region."