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Is Your Customer A Moving Target? First Viewed at Digital Pharma East


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With the ever increasing pace of technology today, many pharmaceutical companies find it nearly impossible to track their customers’ multi-channel digital journeys, much less identify actionable insights.

Ten years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry - with companies big & small - has given CI&T a real-time view of this struggle and hands-on experience in developing solutions along the way. In this session, CI&T will help you better understand your customers’ digital journeys and identify ways to engage the perpetually connected customer. Specifically, you will learn how to:

Provide more dynamic customized content independent of devices used
Adapt to user behavior and interaction
Identify patterns and get predictive and prescriptive analytics data
Improve overall user experience
Uncover new market opportunities

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Is Your Customer A Moving Target? First Viewed at Digital Pharma East

  1. 1. Top Cloud Partner 2013
  2. 2. Collaborate to prevent being disrupted 10x the innovators
  3. 3. Innovate by finding and creating disruptive solutions yourself 10x the 1/10th of innovators the cost!
  4. 4. Transform take the big leap to reinvent yourself 10x the 1/10th of innovators the cost! 100x the power!!
  5. 5. Collaboration and Innovation: average of 81% correlation
  6. 6. Digital Brain Pharma Next A product by in partnership with
  7. 7. There's a person in the crowd who's tired of being treated just like anyone else
  8. 8. We are different consumers The relationship between people, information and technology has changed. Self-service Multi-channel digital journeys
  9. 9. Laura Parker: a tech savvy doctor working and living in Philadelphia
  10. 10. Jessica Lee: Laura's best friend, so similar, but quite different
  11. 11. How to make sense of these user journeys?
  12. 12. From Mad Men to Math Men! Patterns!
  13. 13. Big challenges Stay relevant / improve conversion Keep relationship with doctors strong over time avoid being disrupted by a start-up or competition 2-2
  14. 14. Digital Disruption means the majority of your revenues in 5 years are likely to come from things that don't exist today and are accelerated by digital tools and platforms
  15. 15. The anatomy of Modern Applications One person's expectations Several connected smart devices Cloud services Your company trying to be relevant
  16. 16. Value The different types of Analytics INFORMATION OPTIMIZATION s Fore ht Insig Hin What's happened? Descriptive Analytics ht dsig What may happen? Predictive Analytics ight How to prevent bad things from happening and to potentialize the good ones? Prescriptive Analytics Why has it happened? Diagnostic Analytics Difficulty
  17. 17. The anatomy of Predictive (Smart) Applications Digital Brain One person's expectations Several connected smart devices Smart cloud services It finds patterns in a huge mass of data to provide insights Your company trying to be relevant
  18. 18. shall we fix Dr. Laura's experience?
  19. 19. It gives you real-time insights and drive better campaigns Digital Brain is the center of a smart digital marketing approach It makes people feel special
  20. 20. How does the magic happen? 1. Feed the Brain: 2. Listen & Learn: 3. Deliver results! Content ingestion and categorization; capture and understand behavior Understand your customers’ journeys Deliver content that influences behavior
  21. 21. Thank you! Any burning questions? Digital Brain A product by in partnership with
  22. 22. created by one event attendee during the presentation