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At Ci&T, we believe that in the not-so-distant future, everyone will not only have a smartphone, but truly use it as a mobile computer and require unique software to maximize their experience. Already imperative, engaging, innovative user experience will only continue to grow in importance in appealing to such demanding users.
Needless to say, at Ci&T, we go beyond just mobile app development. We manage the entire mobile strategy lifecycle from ideation; to Lean UX development (which rolls art, agile development and UX design into one process); to metrics and support; we keep the process tight and light to ensure you achieve your business goals - fast. We use the most innovative approaches to accelerate product validation by real users, while minimizing investments.
Ci&T offers a full range of mobile services across all major available platforms. We focus on the following three areas, each of which requires a unique design approach, enabling us to fully maximize value to your business:

Digital Marketing:
To enhance, and later support, our clients’ market strategies, we build and maintain highly engaging mobile web apps and native apps that connect users to our clients’ brands.

Consumerization fast became a reality and as a result, your employees are both driving adoption and business innovation. Eager to access internal systems on their smartphones and tablets, enterprise apps are inspiring motivation in and improving the productivity of your employees – not a bad combination. Whether you need to integrate a CRM, SAP or BI system, just to name a few, we can connect those dots and make things work.

We have extensive experience working with start-ups and understand the need to move quickly, especially under uncertain circumstances. Accelerate, our product engineering service, turns innovative ideas into marketable products by applying the Lean Startup model, managing the customer development process, employing Lean UX concepts and managing low burn-rate. So it is clear that we don’t just talk the talk, we… well, you know.

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Ci&T Mobile App Development for the Enterprise, Consumers and Startups

  1. 1. Mobile Studio
  2. 2. Fact SheetCi&T at a glanceA global software company, a craft mobile studioDevelopers and Designers working as a solution finding teamHQ in Brazil w/ offices in the US, Japan, Europe & ChinaGlobal Delivery Centers in Brazil, Argentina and ChinaStaff: 1,300+, 50+ in the mobile studioAnnual growth: 40%Providing High-Performance Teams to our happyclients around the globe since 1995
  3. 3. What we do Fact Sheet Ideation /Mobile Strategy Lifecycle value engineering test and Solution deploy iterate (same Finding: LowFrom ideation, through streamlined stories or new ones) Fidelity WireframesUX design, toimplementation, cloud validation Weeksinfrastructure and support services (not Months) Design and Low Fidelity Development Prototypes Solution Validation / Usability Testing
  4. 4. For Fact Sheet whom Engagement Data Utility Visualization Productivity Lean Start-up Customer Development
  5. 5. How we do it Fact Sheet By asking the right questions People. Objectives. Strategy. Technology. How will People What business What tactics Which mobile use your mobile Objectives should impact your mobile Technology is the app? this app support? Strategy? best fit? REACH OFFERING VALUE CHAIN MONETIZATION / COSTS ENGAGEMENT adapted from:
  6. 6. And using the right process Fact Sheet
  7. 7. The Fact Sheet canvas productEveryone aligned with the business vision
  8. 8. Some success stories from our journey…
  9. 9. runens iPhone app for runners, product of our entrepreneurship program 15,000+ users within 2 months of launch Featured in prominent media outlets including TechCrunch TV, CrunchGear, NYTech MeetUp and FoxNews Mobile First app to implement live tracking of runners for freeGet it! Scalable through cloud services (Google App Engine), designed to be a platform for coaching and live races
  10. 10. Smelly Cat First product developed by Ipanema Games, company emerged from Ci&T Entrepreneurship Program Cool game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Top 2 in Brazil (entertainment category) , more than 200,000Get it! downloads as of August 2011
  11. 11. Coke Drink Entertainment app that transforms iPhone into a glass of Coca-Cola Released in March 2011 in Apple App Store Most downloaded Coca-Cola app around the world with 1.5M+ downloads as of August 2011 Top 10 in 20 countriesGet it! Idea was proactively brought to Coca- Cola by Ci&T
  12. 12. Kyokushin Social network app for Kyokushinkaikan, the biggest Karate association in the world App provides content and features for karate fighters Will be the official app for the upcoming World ChampionshipsGet it!
  13. 13. Ponto Frio Platform and apps for the largest retail chain in Brazil Full mCommerce application Secure connection with backend Released mid January 2011 in Apple App Store Ci&T provided end-to-end services: Get it! ideation, creative, development
  14. 14. Veja Crianças Developed for one of the biggest media conglomerates in Brazil Complete guide of Sao Paulo city, especially designed for parents with small childrenGet it!
  15. 15. SideReelSideReel is a website to help usersfind, track and watch shows onlineCi&T developed the Android version forthe already popular iPhone app
  16. 16. Brasileirão 2010 Developed for one of the biggest media conglomerates in BrazilAllows soccer fans to follow in-depthresults of the Brazilian national mainleagueFans can also follow soccer matches inreal-time, extensive use of online videoand push-notifications.
  17. 17. Zen Space First iPad app developed by a Brazilian company, just 2 months after iPad launched Top 1st in Japan for over a month Top 10 in many countries (lifestyle category) 50,000+ downloads in the first year without any marketingGet it! promotion Great feedback on usability and reality simulation
  18. 18. Goool!!! Button soccer game Top 1st in Brazil’s app store for almost a month (entertainment Get it Lite! category) Multiplayer capability In-app purchase 10,000+ downloads Get it Full! End to end service: ideation, creative, development
  19. 19. Sprite City A fun and exciting car game developed for iPad Released in January 2011 on “Ci&T challenged us to bring IT Apple App Store and quickly thinking to the achieved 30K+ downloads. idea development process, and it Awarded on The Favorites made a huge difference” section of the Mobile Awards on February 2011 Adriana Knackfuss, Consumer Connections Sr. Manager Concept was proactivelyGet it! brought to Coca-Cola by Ci&T High scores integrated with Game Center
  20. 20. iArubaEnterprise app for sales forceautomation integrated with aaaaaaaaERPFortune 500 Healthcareproduct and service providerwill replace sales forceslaptops with iPadsOffline mode (storing the aaaaaaaawhole product catalog)Creation of Quotations andOrders directly on theapplicationPerformance of the app canbeat the notebook version
  21. 21. Partnerships
  22. 22. Obrigado!