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c h u x l e y @ s u n y j e f f e r s o n . e d u ◆ ◆ 3 ...
◆ C A R L E E N H U X L E Y ◆ c h u x l e y @ s u n y j e f f e r s o n . e d u ◆ 3 1 5 - 7 8 6 - 2 4 0 2
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Carleen Huxley CV


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Carleen Huxley CV

  1. 1. C A R L E E N H U X L E Y ◆ A S S I S T A N T L I B R A R I A N ◆ c h u x l e y @ s u n y j e f f e r s o n . e d u ◆ ◆ 3 1 5 - 7 8 6 - 2 4 0 2 Academic librarian with experience teaching information literacy and coordinating library instruction services in a community college setting. My general area of interest focuses on teaching and assessing information literacy skills in community college settings. I'm particularly interested in the use of emerging technologies to enhance the instructional experience. P R O F I L E C U R R E N T P O S I T I O N Coordinator of Library Instruction Assistant Librarian Jefferson Community College Since September 2008 Responsible for coordinating library instruction program, including the development of policies and procedures, collecting statistics, and maintaining library instruction schedule. Responsible for assessing yearly student learning outcomes for information literacy. Creating learning objects including handouts, worksheets, Libguides and screencast tutorials to enhance information literacy learning. Responsible for collection maintenance and development for the following areas: reference, education, children’s literature, language and literature, criminal justice, nursing and miscellaneous social sciences. P A S T E X P E R I E N C ES K I L L S Reference Librarian Bartlesville Public Library July 2003 - Sept 2008 Delivered in-person and virtual reference services. Responsible for organizing and storing government documents. Post-Masters in Library and Information Studies Digital Services and Emerging Technologies San Jose State University Masters in Library and Information Science University of Oklahoma Bachelors of Building Arts in Architectural History Savannah College of Art and Design E D U C A T I O NS O C I A L Jan 2012 - Dec 2013 Docent and Tours Coordinator Price Tower Arts Center July 2003 - Sept 2008 Planned and implemented training programs and appreciation activities for docents. Planned and implemented educational programs for youth and family. Aug 2003 - Dec 2006 Aug 1999 - May 2002 in/carleenhuxley @cslhlib
  2. 2. ◆ C A R L E E N H U X L E Y ◆ c h u x l e y @ s u n y j e f f e r s o n . e d u ◆ 3 1 5 - 7 8 6 - 2 4 0 2 P R E S E N T A T I O N S P R O F E S S I O N A L E N G A G E M E N T American Library Association (ALA), Member 2007-present SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA), Member 2008-present SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Delegate (2008-present) SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Executive Council Secretary (2011-2015) SUNYLA Working Group for Information Literacy (WGIL), Chair (2015-present) SUNYLA WGIL podcast co-host for WGIL Room (2010-2012) SUNYLA WGIL Task Force for General Education, Chair 2013-present Open SUNY Information Literacy Initiatives, Co-PI (Principle Investigator) SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Annual Conference Tweet to me: Twittering Libraries and Librarians in SUNY panel participant. (2009) SUNYLA Librarians Software Users Group (LiSUG) Annual Conference Instructional Technology Frontiers: Roundtable Discussion on Emerging Technologies and Library Instruction panel participant. (2010) SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Annual Conference Chat Reference: What's Hot, What's Not presenter. (2010) SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Annual Conference DIY Podcasting co-presented three hour pre- conference. (2011) SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Annual Conference Libstats panel: Staying Sane Despite Statistics co- presented panel presentation. (2011) SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines Developing Metaliterate Learners: Transforming Literacy Across Disciplines participant on reaction panel. (2013) SUNY Council on Assessment Regional Drive-in Workshop Assessment of SUNY GenEd Information Management Competencies. (2014) Jefferson-Lewis Boces School Library System's teaching with Primary Sources program Information Literacy and the K12 to College Transition co-presented. (2014) C A M P U S E N G A G E M E N T Social Cultural Committee Chair 2009-2012 Middle States Review Committee for General Education 2013-2014 Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) Committee Member 2015-present Literacy of Northern New York Board of Directors Treasurer (2009-present) Judge for American Legion Oratorical District Competition (2010 and 2011) Instructor for JCC Continuing Education Division Tablet technology series (2012) Odyssey of the Mind Division II Coach for South Jefferson School District (2014 and 2015) C O M M U N I T Y S E R V I C E Presentations and Workshops Brown Bag Workshop Web 2.0 (2009) Brown Bag Workshop Blogging 101 (2009) Faculty Start-Up Day Workshop Social Media in Higher Education (2009) Facebook Privacy (2010) Tips and tools for a Successful Facebook Page (2011) Formative and Reflective Assessment, co-presenter for CPE (2015) C A M P U S C O N T R I B U T I O N S